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Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm a week behind and actually have a lot to catch up on. Good things... days filled with joy that, in turn, filled our hearts with gladness and healing.

But, after a brief getaway with my Love, there seems to be this perpetual lump in my throat upon returning back to "normal life." And, while I attempt to swallow that lump, I'm finding it hard to get anything out, even through my fingers. Life seems to have found a way to overwhelm me from every side this week. Fortunately, I am hoping that the large doses of chocolate and ice cream, and chocolate ice cream will soon have their calming effect.

Luckily, we also have some pretty hilarious cats who bring us healthy doses of laughter at times like this. Do you remember last year when we found that Einstein knew how to play fetch? Well, you can refresh your memory of that glorious day by going here.

Apparently, Watson didn't want to be left out and busted out his amazing fetching abilities, totally out of the blue the other day. His fetching toy of preference? A white twisty tie. Funny cat. Check this out:

We're love our little fetching cats.


KieraAnne said...

That's too cute! Watson is a really pretty cat...I love the black circular looking stripes on the side of his fur. :)

Christian and Jennifer said...

I've never seen a cat do that! That's amazing!

Andrea said...

I've never seen a cat do that either. So cute! I'm so sorry you have had a hard time this week. It's been a difficult one for me as well. Grief has a way of always being there just waiting for us to return. Know that I think of you all the time and pray for you. I hope you feel some relieve soon.