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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hugh turned 3!

Hugh had his third birthday over a month ago. We started the day with two of his favorite things - a fishing trip and doughnuts. He then spent a chunk of the day with Bapa and GG, while I had another commitment to take care of. In the afternoon we had a little party and Hugh finally got his long-awaited bulldozer birthday cake, which he had requested about six months in advance and never once changed his mind. I've never known such a decisive toddler.

I made his bulldozer cake the night before and hid it in the oven, hoping I could pull it out for a big reveal and capture the excitement on his face. It didn't even occur to me that he'd see it through the oven window, which is exactly what happened as soon as he came into the kitchen that morning. He was still just as excited about it later that afternoon when we brought it out, so it didn't really matter. He loved the cake, all of his new toys (excavator truck, fire truck, hot wheels, comic book, and these building block connector toys), and being the center of attention for the day!

Physically, Hugh is doing great! Thirty-five pounds and 39 inches tall, both in about the 70th percentile. And, as of this week, he is officially potty-trained. I should clarify - during the daytime and as long as he doesn't need to have a bowel movement. So... maybe not it isn't quite official YET... but we're working on it and he is doing so great!

Hugh is such a sweet boy! He is strong-willed. He is observant. He is sensitive. He is a fighter of fairness. He is a defender. He is faithful. He is so much like the Hugh he was named after, or what I'd imagine that Hugh to be like. One of these days I need to tell that story. I love his strong voice and his strong personality. I hope to be able to teach how to use those two things to do so much good in the world. And I hope I can be humble enough to learn all I can from him, as he has already started teaching me how to be a better version of myself. I love my little Hugh!