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Friday, October 17, 2008

New Hampshire

From the start of our trip, we got off the major freeways and travelled as much as possible on smaller highways and roads. We loved exploring and finding little treasures along the way. New Hampshire was very clean. It was the only place we've ever found an upscale Walmart. Yeah, I know, it would have been picture-worthy.

This is in rural New Hampshire, just north of Manchester:

A cute little church in Canterbury, New Hampshire

We stopped up the road from this place to buy a bag of apples at an orchard. They were the most delicious apples we've eaten - sweet, crisp, and juicy. We're still enjoying them!

This is part of Shaker Village. The landscape in this area was so immaculate.

Lake Winnepesaukee - filming location of "What About Bob?" (This is me practicing my "baby steps"....)

This river is the border between New Hampshire and Maine:


Michelle said...

What an amazing trip!
I ADORE autumn, and I've never been to New England. Now I know when to go!
Thanks so much for sharing those gorgeous pictures. I'm so glad you got to go and have a rest from your normal surroundings. I know that's really helpful for me, and I hope it provided some refreshment and healing for you and Marc!

Mindy said...

Oh, my goodness! It looks amazing!! I am so jealous!