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Friday, August 17, 2007

Einstein playing fetch

Yes, we have a very smart kitty. We taught him to play fetch, not really knowing he'd catch onto the idea. Check this out!

As you can see, Einstein is quite talented if a bit annoyed by the concept of "giving up what I just worked hard to get". We shot this video after watching him go back and forth about twenty times though, so overall it was a memorable performance. He's a good fetcher. :-)


Calamity Jane said...

If you could apply the same principals to teaching Marc think of the possibilities. "Here marc, Clean the kitchen. . . Good Marc. . ." You should explore the possibilities.

Marc and Megan said...

Yeah, fortunately Marc came from a family of lots of sisters who trained him really well before he came to me. :)

Seriously... he does the laundry, the toilets, and the dishes - and most of the time without any encouragement. I am lucky!