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Monday, October 22, 2007

Addicted to Autumn

On Saturday afternoon Marc and I went on a little drive to take some pictures of the beautiful fall colors. We had only taken a couple when the batteries in our camera died. So, we came home to recharge the batteries, and went back out a few hours later. Once again, we had only snapped a few shots when the batteries died again... so we either didn't let them charge long enough or our rechargable batteries have seen their final days. In any case, we had a nice afternoon together, enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery!

It's getting to be that time of year when the leaves start falling really fast and before we know it the trees will be bare. So, we'll have to go out again sometime this week to get some better pictures of the trees and the vineyards. They are so beautiful right now!

Here are a couple of pictures we got of us standing in front of one of the many trees we found in full fall bloom. This time of year is so beautiful!

I've had so many moments over the last couple of weeks where the beauty of the earth has literally left me speechless... and all I can say over and over is, "Aaahhh, it's just so beautiful!"


Calamity Jane said...

It's my favorite season, Our wedding pictures were taken in front of a similar tree...

Amy said...

Wow - trees! ") How I miss trees, especially in autumn, when they should be changing. But not here, what little few we have. Also, the only trees in our yard are palm and I would be very upset if their leaves went orange. Hah. Looks like fun, hope you guys are doing well. I need to email you back, Megan! Take care!

Marc and Megan said...

Calamity, I've never seen your wedding pictures... maybe you'll have to break them out at Thanksgiving when we're up there. ;)

Amy, I would love to have palm trees in our yard... does it ever make you feel like you're on your own little tropical island? :)