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Friday, October 19, 2007

"Is someone going on a field trip?"

I just had to share this funny thing that happened to me last night. Thursday nights I have my Multicultural Pedagogy class. It goes from 4-9pm. *deep sigh* Usually it isn't too bad... but, yesterday was a different story. I've been coming down with the beginnings of a cold, and that mixed with my early morning wake up call of 5:30am was not a good combination. After being in class for only TWENTY minutes, I was fighting to stay awake and alert. My eyes were extra dry, so that was not helping at all.

When 5:45pm hit, Mrs. P decided to let us take a short dinner break {her eyes looked more blood shot than mine}. Usually I bring something to snack on, but I forgot to last night. So, I decided to make a quick trip out to grab something to eat. I couldn't stand the thought of fast food, so I stopped at the nearest grocery store. I only had about ten minutes to get in and out, so I was making a list in my head on the drive there of super power foods to get me through the next three hours. Here's what I picked out:


Trail Mix (without M&Ms)

Braeburn Apples

Baby Carrots

Mandarin Orange Propel Water

At this point, I headed towards the deli area, to see if there was anything fast I could grab. But, I realized I wasn't in the mood for a sandwich as much I was in the mood for crackers and cheese. I was running out of time, so I rushed to the deli meat area and grabbed this:

It wasn't my top choice, but I had to hurry and that was the quickest thing to grab. So, I headed towards the check-out stand. I patiently waited in line until it was my turn. The cashier was Tina. She was very pleasant and we made some small talk while she checked my food through. Then, as she was handing my groceries back to me she said, in a slightly high-pitched, child-like voice:

"Is someone going on a field trip?"

*short pause* (I'm thinking, "field trip? what kind of question is that? where did that come from?" Then, I realize it was those dang Lunchables that made her think I had a child going on a field trip.)

Then, I proudly replied, "Nope."

Tina: "Oh, just some healthy snacks, huh?"

Me: "Yep."

LOL! So, the whole drive back to school I chuckled to myself as I ate my cheese, meat and crackers. I found myself thinking of field trips I went on as a child and how I never would have gotten Lunchables for a field trip. And, then I thought of future field trips I'll send my kids on and how they probably won't get Lunchables either. lol! But, it made for a funny moment.

The good news is that the almonds and the apple ended up being all I needed to get through the rest of class. Phew! One more week down!


Carrot Jello said... I supposed to know what pedagogy is?

Funny about the lunchables. I always buy those for field trips too.

mindyluwho said...

I love to snack on almonds!

Kamie said...

I LOVE almonds too!

Marc and Megan said...

Carrot - doesn't pedagogy sound so sophisticated? It's basically a big word for teaching or education. :)

mindy and kamie, yes, aren't almonds the most delicious and nutritious snack?! Love 'em!

Calamity Jane said...

I love that you can laugh at your checker. I cringe when they start making comments about what I am buying. "Ooh, someone likes chocolate?..." Then "wow, looks like you have either alot of mouths to feed or you are hungry..." Then "Did you leave any food in the store?..." I hate that one the most. I dread the day they comment on personal products that are needed once a month? "somebody grumpy today?? - my husband hates pms..."

Marc and Megan said...

Calamity, LOL! You have had some very nosy checkers! How awful! Maybe we should start training those people on "checker etiquette" and teach them what not to say to the customers. :)