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Friday, October 26, 2007


I can't believe this week has gone by so fast! We've been busy with work and school and... other stuff, I guess. I don't really know where the week went. But, it has been a good week. The weather has been unseasonably warm - in the 80s! Yeah, the week before Halloween we have been wearing flip flops and t-shirts, opening the doors and windows to let the warm sunshine in. It has been beautiful!

We're looking forward to a fun-filled weekend, with lots of activities going on. We'll also be getting geared up for the traditions that come with celebrating Halloween in less than a week. For us that will include:
carving pumpkins
roasting pumpkin seeds
making pumpkin bread and cookies
breaking out the hot chocolate
(if the weather doesn't cool down, maybe we'll go with chocolate milk instead)
... and the best tradition of all....
making homemade doughnuts!

Growing up that was one of the most exciting traditions I looked forward to. We'd come home from trick-or-treating to find Mom and Dad busy in the kitchen together, making loads of doughnuts. Rather than eating candy, we'd enjoy a fresh, warm doughnut. Yeah, so maybe doughnuts aren't much better than candy... but, at least they're homemade and it's a once-a-year treat! Marc and I decided it was one of the traditions we wanted to carry on. It has been fun to play around and try new recipes and new glazes.

I asked Marc this morning what Halloween traditions his family had growing up, and he said I'd have to talk to his sisters. So, Calamity and Carrot, I'm counting on you to fill me in! Anybody else have any fun traditions for Halloween? We're always looking for new ideas of things to do. Please share!!


KieraAnne said...

We always make home made sugar cookies in various Halloweeny shapes and then decorate them with different colored frostings and candy. :)

Marc and Megan said...

kieraanne, I've never thought of making sugar cookies at Halloween... I've always just associated them with V-day. But, that would be another fun thing to do! BTW, I love your name! :)

Calamity Jane said...

Ok, I have been thinking...Dad's spooky laugh and spook alleys at the harvey road church building. There were masks that we couldn't breathe under and the costume barrel upstairs in that wierd closet storage room with the slanted roof was raided. There were doughnuts - homemade when we had the fry daddy. (I think you got in on the tail end of that marc, too bad dad got healthy!) Mom had hot spiced cider and doughnuts after trick or treating. I remember trying to make it past the indian cemetary halloween night (How many people can say that they grew up with a Indian cemetary down the street?)
Do you remember Marc that it is pomegranite season? Dad used to always bring them home around this time. They always brought visions of alien eyeballs.
Michelle and I used to fight over who got to take you trick or treating, it was exciting because if we looked cold enough we would get candy too. My favorite was the headless horseman costume that Kris made you.
I hope you had a great halloween!