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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Our fun-filled Friday

Yesterday was kind of a crazy day. First thing in the morning we took Watson to the Vet to have have his neutering done. Poor little guy. We dropped him off at 8:30am and finally picked him up at about 2:00pm. They let me know that they put a collar around his neck to keep him from licking the general area of the stitches, so that he doesn't cause any infections. I guess we should have asked for another one for Einstein to be kept from licking Watson. So, here's Watson, post-surgery:

And, here's a little video we took of him, trying to figure out how to function with the collar on:

We were only able to watch him like that for about an hour, before we took the collar off. The Vet said that if he started to thrash around, then he was going to do more harm to himself than any licking might. So, we just kept an eye on him for the rest of the afternoon. By Friday night Watson was extra cuddly, rubbing his nose up against our faces and purring extra long. I think we're all glad this procedure is behind us.


mindyluwho said...

Poor kitty! Our cat Pippen had to have a collar on too a few years ago. He didn't have as much of a struggle as yours did though.

My son is playing football this year and it has been a blast going to his games...except that after winning the first, they have lost consistently after that, plus he keeps getting hurt. My heart can't take that too well!

Carrot Jello said...

That is very funny :D

Marc and Megan said...

mindy, I'm glad to hear that some cats handle the collar okay... it was so sad to watch Watson struggle with it on. And, I can totally see why having a son playing football would not be a good thing for a mom! I don't think I could handle it!

Carrot, yes, it was funny... in a very sad way, of course. Fortunately he doesn't appear to have been traumatized by the experience! :)