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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Adoption Vocabulary

Marc just left for his Judo class. I'm about to leave for a soccer game. Our team only has two games left after today. And, who knows where we'll be for the rest of the day... so, I thought I'd give you something to do.

When we first got into adoption, we learned from our case worker that there are correct and incorrect words and phrases to use when talking about adoption. It was really helpful for us to learn how to say things in a way that represents adoption in the positive and beautiful way that it should be represented. So, the other day I was thinking about posting the list we received, but then realized that Carly had just posted it on her blog.

So, go check it out... you may learn something new. Plus, she has a really incredible adoption story that had me in tears. I have loved seeing her perspective as a birthmother... it helps me so much to learn the feelings and emotions on the side of birthmothers.

We have really appreciated Carly and the other birthmothers we've "met" throughout this process and the ways they've enriched our lives and deepened our love for the miracle of adoption. They are incredibly strong, mature, selfless women, who demonstrate awe-inspiring faith and courage in choosing adoption for their child. Just amazing.


*Carly* said...

thankyou, i feel so honored to be posted about. once you learn the "right" terms it is amazing how much it hurts to hear the negative terms used. At least for me it sends chills down my body!

Marc and Megan said...

I completely agree with that. I was glad that you had posted it!