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Friday, May 21, 2010

Just a Peek

I just realized I didn't get as many photos yesterday as I had thought. Here are a couple, though, that someone snatched of Hugh and me. I'll get more today of just the handsome little guy that I get to call mine. I'm so anxious to get both my handsome little guys together for their own little photo shoot... literally counting the days until we're all together again.


Fire said...

How great it is to finally seeing you get to hold your new little boy. :)

Charity said...

Keeping you all in our glad you'll be going home soon!

Heather Heaven said...

Tears of happiness came to my eyes at the first glimpse of beautiful Mommy holding our sweet "new" grandson Hugh!! Love to All, Joy/Mom - So happy that Marc will soon be there too!

candice said...

He's beautiful! Hopefully you'll all be home soon.