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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dream Come True

We're home.

And, I don't know if life could get any better. (Well, if I'm being completely honest, I think a little more uninterrupted sleep might be one thing that could be better... but, sleep is really overrated anyway, isn't it?)

Hugh is doing great. He smiles while he sleeps. He has the cutest raspy cry. His fingers and toes are longer than I've ever seen on a newborn. I'm pretty sure they're as long as Ben's are now at five months. (Although, where Ben lacks in length, he makes up for in chunkiness.) Hugh is eating well and even sleeping well - getting some good 3-4 hour stretches every night. I am admittedly not sleeping much during the night since I'm constantly waking to make sure he's still breathing. He has big, piercing eyes that make me think of creamy dark chocolate. (That could be my postpartum needs coming out.) He and I have both come down with a slight cold, with the main complaint being some nasal congestion, which we're both hoping goes away fast. So far, though, he is doing wonderful and we feel so blessed to have him in our family.

Ben has responded really well to a new baby in the house. That first night we were home he was startled a bit by Hugh's raspy cry and started crying himself. He has since gone from startled to curious to entertained. When placed close to Hugh, Ben pats Hugh on the head or tries to grab for any part of Hugh that he might be able to suck on, staying true to his stage of development right now, which seems to be sucking on anything and everything. He is at such a cute stage right now - so aware and curious about everything around him and talking up a storm. He is pure joy!

Marc is... in one word, fantastic. He has been caring for Ben during the night while I focus on taking care of Hugh and myself. He makes up silly songs that make Ben laugh, even though Ben's still much too young to know what Marc is singing about. He is gentle and sweet with little Hugh (and with me, too). He is so good with both our boys and I feel so blessed to be married to him.

My recovery seems to be coming along. My ankles that had swollen to at least double their size while I was down at UCSF, are now back to their normal look. A sure sign that I'm finally giving my body the rest and healing it needs. Full recovery doesn't seem quite so far away anymore. I'm so happy to be home with my family.

After nine months of imagining what our life would look like with two babies so close in age, we're finally living it in the present tense and I'm loving every minute of it. I often find myself laughing at some of the crazy moments and shake my head in disbelief that this is really our life. And, in the middle of that head shaking, I can't keep the tears from falling. I don't know how or why we've been so blessed. My heart is so full. Joy has filled the emptiness that once knew only pain and heartache and fear that motherhood would only be a dream.

My dream truly has come true. Twice now. And twice later. And I am so grateful.


Becky Rose said...

I want pictures! I know your busy- but get them up soon!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

love this. congratulations dear one. you deserve the joy you're engulfed in right now.

KieraAnne said...

That is so awesome! We're so happy for you guys! Glad you're all home together at last and can't wait to see pics. :)

Kaija said...

welcome home! i can't wait to see photos of these two little boys together :-) thank you for sharing your joy with us!

Julie and Pete said...

Pete and I have been following your story with hope and prayer. We're so glad the culmination of this chapter is so happy. Congratulations!

Andrea said...

So happy for you!!!

Erica said...

What a wonderful post!! I'm so happy for you and your family. Glad you're all home together now!!

Liz said...

Oh, how wonderful!! Isn't it amazing how cuddling a newborn (and your eldest) can make you forget how tired you are???

CONGRATS on being home and recovering so well!!!

AubreyMo said...

Congrats :) Those two brothers are going to love being so close in age.

Cammie said...

You are amazing! I love your family.