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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life is good...

So, it seems that we're having a little bit of a blogging slump. I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to blog about. I've considered divulging all the details of my emotional day today, but then I'd be really embarrassed. I could brag about how talented our cats are - how we've taught them to play "fetch," and how they always come running to the door to greet us when we come home, but then maybe all cats do that and I'd look foolish for thinking it was anything to brag about. Or, I could tell you all about soccer practice tonight, and our pre-teen girls tearing up the field in a scrimmage against some Latino teenage boys, who were waiting to use our field, but maybe that wouldn't be very interesting.

So, maybe I'll just say that I'm grateful to have a husband who is very sweet and understanding when I have emotional moments; that my heart melts when I open the front door and hear the jingling bells around our kittens' necks as they come running to greet me; and that I absolutely love coaching a soccer team full of girls who have a contagious energy and love for life. (Oh, and they did awesome tonight in their scrimmage, even though they technically lost.)

So, yeah, life is good. There are blessings we still seek, but I sure have a lot to be grateful for.


Carrot Jello said...

When cat's see me, they run the other way. So brag on girl!

Marc and Megan said...

I bet Einstein wouldn't run away... he loves everyone who walks through the door. So, maybe you should come visit us - I'll make my yummy peach pie! :)