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Friday, August 3, 2007

Bourne Ultimatum

Yep, it was good. Good, good.

I was barely able to watch the Bourne Ultimatum all the way through tonight, though: my neck kept hurting. I changed my posture, rolled my head around a bit, but nothing helped. Then I realized, it's not me. It's the movie.

Sometimes the picture was shaking so much, it was like this film was shot by five cameramen, all fighting for control of the same camera.

Actually, the film really was great. It answered a lot of questions for me. Like, "what does Matt Damon look like from a shaky camera shot out of a third-story window with wire mesh glass?" and "who is Jason Bourne's favorite morning talk show host?" Hm, OK. I'm joking about that last one.

But it's a funny thing. I started to ask other questions. I started to wonder about Bourne's personal life and hobbies. Like, does he prefer a specific brand of frozen burrito? Most guys do. Favorite animated movie? Etc.

There's something about a man watching a Bourne film that clicks on a neurological level, too. A man suddenly remembers all of his long-forgotten Special Forces skills after watching Bourne at work. Megan noticed an immediate improvement in my evasive driving skills on the way home from the theater. Also, I've decided to spend the night on the roof with a walkie-talkie, just in case.

*Crackle* We shouldn't have any problems tonight, honey. *Crackle*

Jason Marc out.

P.S. You didn't hear me say this, but oddly enough, Megan was more excited to see the movie than I was. I think we all deserve an explanation. :)


Calamity Jane said...

Well marc, matt damon does have a certain apeal. . . I am just glad your survival skills are remaining sharp. I remember dad packing heat on our hikes through the forrest. Oh dear.

I am glad you liked the movie, I however must stick to romantic comedies. My heart can't take it anymore in my senior years. I think there is a movie about Jane Austin.

Thats what Im talking about

Carrot Jello said...

Yeah Megan, what's that all about?

Marc and Megan said...

OH, man, Marc totally down-played how incredibly AWESOME the movie was! We never, and I mean never, see movies on opening night. But, I just couldn't wait even a day longer to watch this one.

It was by far the BEST of the three! And, I *really* liked the first two. Where does the obsession come from? Well, it could be Matt Damon. There is a certain bond you make with him, sympathetic to his plight, wanting to see him get out of all those crazy situations. In that regard, this third movie really did not disappoint.

But, I think I love that the movies are filmed in foreign lands that I dream of visiting. There was one scene in an apartment, where the main girl is turning on the faucet in this nasty old sink... and all I could think was how cool it would be to go to some quaint little town on the other side of the world and use that nasty old sink. Is that weird?

Oh, and the best part of the entire movie? The end, when they leave it open for yet another sequel of the Bourne movies! Maybe we'll travel to the some big city, like New York, for the big red carpet premiere!