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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Morning Garage Sales

Every once in a while on Saturday mornings we like to get up early and take walks around our neighborhood, and check out garage sales. We've found some pretty good deals in the past, like the Dr. Seuss books we found - five for a dollar! So, since we didn't have a lot going on this morning, we thought we'd go on another one of our garage sale walks.

The first house was the usual experience - we took a casual walk through the driveway and knew right away there wasn't much to look at. So, we continued our walk down the street and came across the second sale... and right away we found this:

A jogging stroller! (As you can see, Einstein and Watson love it already.) We are slowly adding to our baby items, as we find things that we just can't pass up... and this was one of those things. We've looked around and priced some jogging strollers, and after a little bit of bargaining this was too good to pass up - $35! We brought it home and put it through a power wash in our backyard, pumped the tires up with air and it really looks just like new. The lady we bought it from only used it a couple of times and it has just been sitting in her garage. We're happy to have it now safely stored away with some of the other baby items we've accumulated.

When we first started the adoption process, we had decided that we weren't going to buy any baby stuff until we knew for sure that a baby was coming to us. But, after a talk I had with my Mom one Sunday morning, when she encouraged me to go out and start getting things that we'll need, we have slowly started to get things.

I guess it's one of the ways we express our excitement and show our hope that a child will come to our family. And, we really are excited and hopeful! We talk all the time about how much our life will change when we have a child... and we can hardly wait! Whenever and however it all comes together, we know that it will be the result of the workings of the great miracle-worker. The Lord has blessed us so much and we are so grateful for His guiding hand in our life.

Hopefully we'll soon have a third little person join us on our Saturday morning garage sale walks, and we'll get to use our new jogging stroller!


Heffalump said...

What a great deal!
I think its good that you are collecting baby things. Its a show of faith on your part. I can't wait to hear the good news when it finally comes.
My sister and her husband adopted their first through LDS social services, and I remember the waiting for news with them. It will happen eventually, just keep hanging in there!

Marc and Megan said...

Thanks, Heffalump! We can't wait to have good news to share! This will be one of the first places we'll come when that happens. :)

Calamity Jane said...

I love the stroller! You scored. great deal. I know that you will really use it too. . . I remember having good intentions.

Marc and Megan said...

Calamity Jane, good intentions are turning into good habits, thanks to you and your inspiring stories. :)

Kamie said...
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