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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sweet Green Peas

I've been planting vegetable gardens since my college days at BYU. In those days, usually because of procrastination, I wouldn't plant my garden until mid-June. Which basically meant that if I wanted any "fruits" from my labors before the cold weather came again, I had to buy plants already started.

Well, for the first time ever, a little over two months ago, we planted our garden with seeds! Since we planted them in late March, I figured I would have plenty of time to still buy plants if we couldn't get the seeds started on our own. But, miraculously, we have been very successful with our garden this year! Hooray!!

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Last night I went out to water the garden and just sat and admired the beautiful peas that are growing in abundance. I had to steal a couple off the vines right then. They are crisp and sweet, I can almost feel the healthiness seeping out of them. They are so yummy, and I might add healthy, too!

In the past, I had never grown peas because the green pea plants were always sold out by the time I got around to going to the local nurseries. So, since I started from seeds this year, I just had to plant peas. Mainly for two reasons:

1. Because I love peas. They are my favorite snack food. I love them in stir-fry and in fresh salads. But, I mostly like them unadulturated, raw and fresh, just off the vine.

2. Because peas remind me of memories with my Grandpa. One of my favorite childhood memories is trips to Grandpa's house in Utah - he'd take us out to his little garden and show us his plants. He'd let us feast on whatever vegetables we could find. My favorites were his green peas. I loved time in the garden with Grandpa. I never would have thought a memory like that would mean so much to me today.

Here's a photo of our triangular garden boxes. Other than peas, we've also planted tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and carrots.

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Oh, and here is a cute photo I snapped of Einstein investigating the peas.

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- Megan

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