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Monday, June 25, 2007

Stevie One and Stevie Two

Today while I was surfing Youtube, I was able to reconstruct my childhood dreams. Youtube amazes me.

No, seriously. Bear with me here, and I'll explain. There were two "Stevies" I wanted to be like when I was a kid. Stevie One was Stevie Palmer, the kid in these two commercials:

OK, so he's not a celebrity or anything. But did you see all the cool stuff he could do? And all the cool people who came over to his house? He was AWESOME!

And yes, my brother and I eventually convinced my dad to pony up for an Amiga computer. It taught me some German phrases ("Guten morgen Hans") and I learned to imitate the sound of the Amiga disk drive by humming with my mouth closed.

Now "Stevie Two." Stevie Wonder was Stevie Two.

Hey, I know I'm not black. But as a kid, I knew that having that much funk would pretty much make up for any other shortcomings I might ever have in my life. Ever.

Also, perhaps someday I would be so famous as to need spanish subtitles.

Anyway, combine Stevies One and Two and you have my complete, up-to-date, 2007 Self-Image. But maybe that's too shallow. Anybody know a prophet, or maybe some famous philosopher who goes by "Stevie?"

-Marc (in a funny mood tonight...don't take me too seriously)


Carrot Jello said...

You know what's fun? I mean TONS of fun? Listening to Sir Duke in your car really loud. I can skat like nobody's business to that song. Try it sometime.

Carrot Jello said...

Oh, and I never take you too seriously. ;)

Anonymous said...

I now have you as one of my "Favorites" Now, give me some more! I am pretty sure you had the same outfit as stevie as well. . . (computer guy - not wonder)

figure that out.