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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

These Three Men

We are a little behind, but had to say something about Father's Day. There are three men who deserve my love and appreciation on Father's Day. Here they are...

Some things I love about my Dad... I love the way he whistles while he does the dishes or while he's puttering around the house. I love spending time with him in the yard. I love being in nature with him - camping, hiking, going on walks - it's where I feel closest to him. I love watching Frasier reruns with him - we laugh and laugh. I love talking with him about philosophy or politics or religion. I love the comfort of having his arm around me when life is hard. I love his sensitivity in knowing when I need his arm around me. I love it when he calls me by his nickname for me - Nutmeg. I love being "the spice of his life." I couldn't have been blessed with a better father.

And, I couldn't be more blessed to have Marc as my husband. Although we don't have any rugrats of our own yet, there is little that brings me more joy than watching how much our nieces and nephews love him. They literally climb all over him, and when they're ready to settle down, they love hearing his stories. (I love his stories, too!) Even the young ones, who you'd think aren't paying attention, become engrossed in his stories. He is very patient and sweet with them. He is going to be such a good father. There is so much that I love about him!

I never had the privilege of meeting Marc's Dad. But, I am grateful for the kind of father he was to Marc. I love hearing stories about him, and watching the way Marc fits so many of the characteristics of his Dad. I've decided that the person I'm most excited to meet in heaven some day is Marc's Dad.

These three good men are among my most favorite blessings!


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