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Monday, November 2, 2009

La Bella Italia


I'm left without words again and again. I don't know how to properly share our trip to Italy in such a way that will convey the way it really was for us, as we experienced it. Maybe that is an unrealistic expectation. Maybe it's enough to just put it out there, knowing that there will always be so much more that deeply resonates within us that cannot be shared, even with photos and videos. 

For most of you, the photos will be photos and the videos will be videos, but for us they are merely representations of deeply moving memories that run through our veins in such a way that viewing them again transports us back, reliving it all again.

Rather than sharing our trip to Italy as a string of chronological events, we'll divide it into different groups - Sicily at its Best, The Wedding, The Food, A Day in Rome. Those are the categories for now, but might change as I go along.

I hope in the following entries you'll enjoy some of the sights and sounds, even though it's only a tiny glimpse of the beauty we experienced.

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JessicaP said...

Megan - I'm so excited to hear about this trip and so glad you got to go. Your blog is reading like the perfect cliff-hanger novel. I keep coming back to hear more - don't forget to tell the rest of the half-marathon story. I love you and I also love everything that you write. I'll give you a call soon - I've missed talking to you. - jessica