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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Day in Rome

Our last day in Italy was spent in Rome.

Knowing it would be impossible to see everything we wanted to see in Rome, we decided on a walking route that took us to just a few of the highlights of Rome. It ended up being a long loop, but it was nice to enjoy walking through some of the side streets of Rome that weren't completely bombarded with tourists.

While in Rome, I decided that I hate being a tourist. In general, they can be a rather annoying group of people. 

La Piazza Spagna

La Fontana Trevi

Throwing our coins in, ensuring a return to Italy.

Marc caught this guy taking a photo from his hotel window of the Trevi Fountain. I think he had a much better view than us.

Just another random photo.

The Pantheon

Pantheon column detail.

Back-side of the Pantheon

We stopped to enjoy some gelato on the steps of an old building, and captured some Italians going about their daily activities.

Some young artists, sketching a tower in front of the building.

A guy on his bike.

 A conversation that looks very interesting.

A stylish Italian woman.

A large Museum - I think.

The ruins of Rome.

The Colosseum.

And, a chalk artist on a sidewalk in Rome. Pretty amazing stuff.

And, that is a re-cap of our trip to Italy. There are a few stories that I haven't recounted yet... still deciding how much I want to embarrass myself. 


Ashley said...

Thank you for posting these. I spent three days in Rome (it's actually the city where I realized I was actually head over heels in love with the young man I would marry ten months later) and found it to be a city that was so surreal it was almost magical. Someday, I hope to return with husband in tow and relive the magic again.

Thank you again. I needed a mental escape. :)

Mindy said...

You want to embarrass yourself. A lot. So feel free to post those stories. ;)

Jeff and Lisa said...

I've been waiting for the posts about your trip. Well worth the wait, I loved reading about your trip and the pictures were like a mini vacation. Wow, I really have to go there someday.

Calamity Jane said...

what kills me is that we didn't know about throwing in the coins in the fountain and now I realize I blew it. Dang, I never ate so well in my life. I am so glad you had such a fun time. It has been fun seeing your picutres!

I am so glad you got to go back (I bet you threw those coins in before you left the last time...lucky)