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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Half Marathon

Back in May I coerced my parents into doing a half marathon with me. We trained all summer, going on morning walks/jogs through the streets of our little town. The hours we spent training were just as fun and memorable as the hours we spent this morning participating in the actual event. The weather was perfect, the autumn-colored wine country we walked through was absolutely stunning, the excitement of the other two-thousand runners was contagious. (Just a random fact - 68% of the runners today were women. How 'bout that?)

We even had our own personal cheer section right before mile 5. Thanks, Scott and Rachel!

And, I just have to say... my parents are awesome! They are the grandparents of 27. And, today they completed 13.1 miles. I was so proud to be on the course with them today. Definitely a moment saved among the most precious of memories to relive.

** There is a really good story behind why I had to catch a ride to the finish line at mile marker 9, but that's a story for another day... sure to be told soon, though.


The Wright Family said...

Great job. I'm worried about you needing a ride though. Hope you are feeling ok. Happy Halloween!

Allred Mom said...

It was fun to see you! And yes, the weather was great!
Scott said, "We could do this. Run the first 5 miles and stop!" Lol
Sorry we didn't make it to the end, too! Unfortunately, Scott had a plan of things to do today! :(

Mindy said...

YOU CANNOT LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you're okay!

Andrea said...

That is so neat Megan...way to go! I hope you are ok though.

KieraAnne said...

Good for you ding a marathon! I sometimes wish I could do stuff like that but me and running do not get along... ;)

Anonymous said...

I too am waiting for the pictures. And as for the ride to the mind is wandering.