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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Food, Food, and More Food

We ate so good while we were in Italy! I'm still trying to figure out how I came home having lost weight... not that I would have cared if I had gained, because it would have all been worth it! That is my one rule while in Italy - Eat Everything Without Regrets. Actually, that's pretty much my motto for any kind of eating in any place. I love good food, I love eating good food, I love running so that I can eat all I want of good food. And, we had far more than our share of REALLY good food in our two weeks in Italy. Below are just a few pictures of some of the things we ate.

At the wedding, we started off taking pictures of the first few courses, but we got distracted by eating so much that we didn't get photos of every course.

This is the second course of appetizers. And eggplant something, prosciutto crudo, and a few other little things.

This was the first round of the primo piatto, which was a risotto with chicken. I love risotto!

This was the second round of the primo piatto - Ravioli.

The bottled water - natural and frizzante - and the wine.

This was one of the two or three meat dishes, with some sauteed vegetables on top. 



Lunch Feast out in the country

So, the day after the wedding, Debora's family all gathered out at their country home to celebrate with a huge lunch together. I took some serious notes while learning from Debora's mom how to make her version of Italian pizza crust and Scaccia (which is Sicily's way of saying Foccaccia). I haven't tried either recipe yet, but I'm so excited to.

Salvatore (Debora's dad) and cousin Simone working the BBQ and the huge wood-burning oven.

The final outcome... is your mouth watering?

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Carrot Jello said...

I like that Abba is playing while they're making pizza.