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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Australia - 3/23/08

Easter Sunday 2008 was spent in Sydney, Australia! We attended Church on the third floor of a building in downtown, just around the block from my parents' flat. We captured some fun pictures on the walk home, here are just a few:

That afternoon we had a delicious Easter dinner with Sunny and Simon, who are two of my parents' English class students. They are both from China. It was really interesting to hear about their background and family life.

Then, as dinner was wrapping up, my parents came out with a birthday cake and ice cream for Marc and me. Since our birthdays are coming up they wanted to celebrate with us while we were there, which came as a complete surprise. My curiosity had almost ruined their surprise a couple of different times, but I finally clued in that they had something up their sleeve. It was so thoughtful and so wonderful! They are always three steps ahead with things like this.

Mom and Dad, thank you for the birthday surprises!! We loved celebrating with you!

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