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Monday, March 17, 2008


This is our kitten, Watson. (Isn't he just the cutest kitty ever?!)

This is how I've felt for the last couple of weeks.

Everything from school, to work, to Church, to family, to daily chores, to enjoying the beauty of Springtime... life has been full of so many good things lately. And, every time I think about catching up on the blog, I feel overwhelmed because there is just too much to catch up on. And, actually I don't even have time right now to catch you up on what's been going on, but I did want to let you know, at least, that we are alive and happy and doing really well. And, stay tuned for some catch up posts in the next few days... and hopefully I can deliver on that! :)


Familia Fowler said...

Whew, I am glad you posted. I was starting to worry! Take care of yourself, make sure you stop to smell all of those Spring blossoms!

Amy said...

Hi! I'm glad that you're doing well! I think of you guys often and HOPE that everything is falling into place. :)

PS - Aren't cats wonderful?!

Chris and Kar said...

I must say, I feel this way on a regular basis! I have a lot I want to blog about, but actually getting the time and energy to do it is another story! But, just know that when you DO have time to post, there are many of us who really enjoy what you have to say! Good luck with all the busy-ness!

Carlykins said...

I want to trade places with Watson! Oh the life of a kitty. Seriously. To be fed , scratched, sleep and repeat.

Christian & Jennifer said...

Yes, that is the cutest kitty ever! And I, too, feel overwhelmed with life a little bit right now, so you are not alone! I think we could all take some advice from your cat and take it easy every now and then!