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Friday, March 28, 2008

Australia - 3/28/08 Part Two

Here are a couple of videos of us petting a koala bear. They weren't out hopping around with the kangaroos, but the park employees would bring out a koala bear every once in a while and supervise his time out with the public. Their fur is so soft... I was using every restraint in me to refrain from picking the little guy up and cuddling him. Such cute little animals!

And, here is the Tasmanian Devil!

This bottom photo may look quite fierce... but the little devil was just yawning. He was really cute as he ran laps around his little enclosure.

It was really quite amazing to see so many animals that we've only ever seen in photos or read about in books.

Friday evening we had dinner at a little Mexican Restaurant. The ambience of this place was like a bar for young single people looking for a date... it was loud and dark, but the food was pretty good and being together with family was so much fun!! I think, in hindsight, it would have been nice to order our food to go and then found a spot in Hyde Park to sit and enjoy our food and conversation with a little less distraction. Every moment we had with my parents I just wanted to soak up and enjoy it to its fullest.

After dinner, we stopped at another gelateria around the corner. It wasn't nearly as good as the other place. For future note: don't trust a gelateria with a sign for "gelati". It's like having a ice cream store that sells ice creams. Yeah, I should have known by its sign that it wouldn't be authentic.

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