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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Australia - 3/27/08

Thursday morning we took things at a little bit of a slower pace. We went on a little walk through downtown and stopped at a few stores. We ended up finding a kangaroo roast at the grocery store, so we decided we had to try it out.

This is the kangaroo roast in the crock pot, and Marc doing a little imitation:

Thursday evening was our night at the Opera House. We arrived down there pretty early, so we could take some photos and grab a gelato at this gelateria. Seriously, outside of Italy I have never had gelato that tasted this good! It was delicious!! We had actually stopped here with Nik on Tuesday night, before going to dinner. So, this was our second time getting gelato here.

As we were walking down the harbour, towards the Opera House, with the Harbour Bridge off to the left, I was overwhelmed with the awe of the moment. The sun was setting, the air was warm, I was eating this glorious gelato, anticipating a performance at the Opera House... and enjoying this most incredible moment with my husband and my parents... it was just one of those moments that couldn't have been any more perfect than it already was. It was such a beautiful night!

Here are a few photos of inside the Opera House. Apparently there were no cameras allowed, but I missed that sign I guess. I had taken these four when an usher approached and asked me to put the camera away. She was very kind about it and I felt like an idiot for not knowing about the rule. But, I'm glad a got a couple at least... and thankful she didn't make me delete them!

The performance we saw was The Pilgrim's Progress. It was so incredible! It's hard to even find words to describe what this experience was like. Our seats were so perfect! We were up above the orchestra and the choir. The orchestra was obviously to our left and the choir was seated to our right, but we were literally five feet away. When they would stand and sing, it was thrilling and literally breath-taking. We're hoping to find some recording of the music we enjoyed that night, so we can always remember how awesome it was. And, to experience it at THE Opera House... really a dream come true!

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