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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Australia - 3/26/08

We were up again really early Wednesday morning, with a day planned in Wollongong. The train ride took us about two hours south of Sydney, along the coastline. The views were incredible. Here we are on the train:

When we first got to Wollongong, my parents wanted to take us with them to see a really well-known Chinese Buddhist Temple just outside of town. The grounds were really manicured and beautiful.

Here are my parents:

After we got back to Wollongong, we made the trek from the train station to the beach. We stopped along the way at a little bakery and bought a few little tasty mini pizzas and a sausage roll. It was perfect!

And, here is the beach. The sun was so bright and the wind was warm and calm. It was such a beautiful day to be at the beach. We all got wet, whether we were planning on it or not. The water was so inviting and warm, especially compared to our Northern California beaches. I was actually the only one who purposefully got in the water, doing some body surfing. It was great! There were all kinds of seashells that we gathered up throughout the day. It was just a beautiful day!

When we got back to my parents' flat that evening, there was the most amazing sunset from their balcony:

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