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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Australia - 3/29/08

Our Saturday started off bright and early at the Sydney temple, which was in a little town called Carlingford, about a 30 minute train ride from downtown. Unfortunately we only got a couple of photos of the temple before our batteries died. It was beautiful, though! And, just a little crazy sidenote, it's across the street from a Target. I fully expected to see McDonald's in Australia, but not Target.

Later that afternoon we took a 30 minute ferry ride from Sydney Harbour across to Manly Beach. As you can see, we had a perfect view of the Opera House as we passed by.

We got the most beautiful sunset for our final night in Australia... photos can't even begin to capture how amazing it was.

This is Australia's version of Cold Stone. Cold Rock... Cold Stone... they make it pretty obvious.

My totally amazing missionary parents... who made this whole trip so incredible and memorable!

All of these photos, especially from our last day, bring so many emotions to the surface. I'm so glad we came home with so many photos because they really did capture so much of what we experienced and enjoyed.

By this point in our trip I was trying so hard to avoid any thoughts about having to say good-bye... it was killing me, though. This is one vacation that I will cherish and remember for my entire life. Thanks so much, Mom and Dad, for EVERYTHING! We had such an absolutely wonderful time!!


Christian & Jennifer said...

What a fun trip! My dad served his mission in Australia, so I've always wanted to go. What beautiful pictures and what fun you had!

Familia Fowler said...

It looks wonderful. I hope now that you have made the literal trip to Australia that soon you will be making the figurative one!