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Friday, March 25, 2011

Life with Boys

I grew up with five brothers. I felt like I was somewhat prepared for life with boys. I just didn't realize how early some of their boyish instincts would kick in. Benjamin has been testing his climbing limits for a few months now, but he's clearly getting more and more confident (and risky).

And, then there's Hugh. He's always been a bit more cautious than Ben. But, he must be taking careful notes of everything Ben does. I had my back turned for just a few minutes and when I turned to check on my boys, I noticed that look on Hugh's face... like he was looking for trouble. Do you see it, too?

Oh, that mischievous grin!

I didn't happen to capture it on camera because I was panicking a little and had put the camera down... but, at one point Hugh was standing up and hanging onto the bookshelf, like Ben was doing. At ten months, mind you.

Heaven help me!

Oh, and by the way, the reason for the empty bookshelves and the cardboard boxes - we're moving! Just across town and into a larger home for our growing family. Wait, that isn't an announcement of any kind... just meaning that our family has doubled in size since we moved into our current place! (I really should be more careful how I say things around here.) We really like the place we're in right now, but we're also really excited about our new home. Lots of great things to look forward to.

Which, reminds me... anybody have any helpful advice or tips about how to make our move more smooth for our boys? I've been a little worried about how a change like this will affect Ben and Hugh. Oh, and our plan is to move them into the same bedroom with this move, now that they're both on the same sleep schedule. And, I'm not quite sure what to expect with a transition like that.

Any advice?


Fire said...

For sleeping, pack their beds last so you can have them out first. If you have a couple fav things out during the whole process I think it should go smoothly.

Kelly said...

With the first picture, I wondered if you were moving. That's exciting! Are you changing wards? Can't wait to see your new place (I'll just invite myself over once you get settled). ;-)

No suggestions for the boys sharing a room. I'm just now attempting that with Kenna and Natalie (because Kenna tends to talk loudly, a.k.a scream, when she wakes up in the middle of the night). Last night they shared a room for the first time and it went great. They both got up early (not too much earlier than usual), but they played happily together for 30 minutes while I continued to doze, so I guess that worked out okay!

Good luck with the move! My best kitchen packing tip - put on a fave movie, have your boxes, newspaper, and towels ready, and do the whole kitchen in one night. In my experience it only takes about 45 minutes to just pound it out.

Liz said...

We recently just moved and put our boys together in the same room. Granted, our boys are a little older, but we try and put them down at seperate times because they tend to play and talk to each other if we put them down together. Other than that, the move went really smooth. Kids are so very resiliant that it wasn't too much of a problem!

haley said...

I wish I had some awesome advice to give you on helping your boys share a room- but I don't! My boys shared a bed from the time they were born, till they were both too big to fit in it, then we went to separate cribs. Now that they have outgrown cribs they are sharing a twin bed. It is so much harder with them out of cribs because they are "free" to roam. (They were before since they could still get out of their cribs, but there is nothing to hold them in now!) Good luck on that. Hopefully they are better at staying where you put them than mine are!