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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just another {good} day

The sun came out today and brought with it some warmth. It has been so rainy and cold. To celebrate the good weather, after Hugh's morning nap, we ventured outside for a nice, long walk. Of course, the process of getting out the door is no small task.

Hugh woke up at 10:22am. First I had to change into my running clothes, which had just finished their cycle in the drier. As I retrieved them, I decided I better take out the dry clothes and throw in the wet clothes that were waiting their turn in the washer, which I did with Hugh in one arm. Then, I changed Hugh's diaper and put his jacket on.

By now it was already 10:35am.

Put Ben's jacket on him and changed his diaper. I realized he had taken his socks off. I found one in his crib and could not, for the life of me, find the other one. I spent a good five minutes searching underneath and behind all the obvious places. I finally resorted to putting a completely different sock on him that I found in the process. That kid loves to take off his socks! Got his socks and shoes on him and watched the cutest smile stretch across his face as he seemed to recognize the connection between shoes and going outside.

Now: 10:50am.

Grabbed a few toys, crackers, water cups, and a banana. Got them buckled into the stroller and off we went. Only, before we got to the end of the driveway I realized the back left tire was totally flat. My little restless Benjamin decided to throw his toys off to the side, presumably in protest of this additional delay, while I wrestled to get the tire pump secured tightly enough to get the tire filled as quickly as possible.

Finally, we were off... at 11:06am.

Forty-four minutes. That's longer than it took us to walk the almost three miles (round-trip) to Grandma and Grandpa's. The boys had a fun little play break for 20 minutes before we came back home to have lunch. By the time we arrived back home, Benjamin had fallen asleep and ended up staying asleep for two hours. I put his lunch aside for later and the rest of us had a little picnic in Marc's office, with the sunshine pouring in through the windows behind us.

Just after lunch it was time for Hugh to go down for a nap, but he wasn't having it at all. He doesn't seem old enough to be ready to go from two naps to one just yet, but maybe he is. When I was just about to throw in the towel anyway, Benjamin woke up from his nap and was starving. I love how excited they both get to see each other after naps - Hugh does his little nasal-y squeal and Ben smiles like he's just won the lottery... or something like that.

And, in the afternoons when my parents come over to play they get the same reaction from both boys. Today we took the boys outside for a little extra sunshine, sharing some strawberries along the way. We explored a run-down tennis court closeby. Benjamin had his first encounter with a puddle. He stomped and got his shoes wet. Then, he bent down and was running his hands through the water.

Pretty soon he was squatting and really getting into it. In just a matter of minutes his pants were wet up to the knees. He was giggling and so were we. Even some guy out working on his car had stopped what he was doing, a huge smile on his face. It was right about then that Benjamin plopped himself down on his bum right in the middle of that puddle, which ended our puddle adventure and we headed back home. Hugh seemed entertained, but was content to stay in my arms through all of the excitement.

* This is just moments before plopping himself down

I wish I could have gotten a photo of Hugh's delight with his first strawberry taste or the excitement of splashing in the tub tonight. (Goal for tomorrow.) Instead, here are a few recent photos of Hugh sporting a new hat.

* I'll have to find Marc's baby photos - it seems like this one of Hugh looks just like him as a baby.

I love watching my boys experience new things - the taste of a strawberry, a puddle of water, splashing in the bathtub (Hugh just barely discovered splashing for the first time last night), pulling dishes out of the dishwasher (a daily favorite). There is a thrill and a joy that is totally contagious. I don't mind the mess. It's totally worth it when I get to feel their newfound joys along with them.

Today was just another day, which are arguably more wonderful than any days I've ever known.

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Mandi said...

I love the pictures! And it totally makes me wish that we could've been with you on your walk - I'm sure Luke and Audrey would've loved the puddle play too.