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Monday, March 28, 2011

Benjamin's contagious laugh!

Here are a couple of videos of Benjamin's contagious laugh. This was a couple of Sundays ago after having lunch with my parents. To keep Benjamin entertained, my Dad started playing with this tape measure and it totally got Ben laughing!

Below is the same video, but with the audio a little messed up. Something went wrong when we tried to compress the video file and what resulted was a really deep gut-like laugh from Benjamin. Marc thought it sounded like a character from the Goonies and I wondered if that's what his laugh will sound like in fifty years or so!

Either way, we just love his laugh! He brightens our world more than I could properly express! What a joyful fifteen months he has given us!!


Majid Ali said...

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Elder & Sister McKell said...

I don't know who makes me smile the most your beutiful little boy, or my big brother. What a wonderful opportunity for you to be there for both of those people in your life. Hug them both for me.