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Monday, June 28, 2010


* This is from a moment yesterday when I was alone with both boys asleep in my arms... I was staying as still as possible until Marc returned and could take one of them. Even with a very loud sneeze that I tried unsuccessfully to stifle, all went smoothly. Proof that there are some non-crazy moments around here.

Today marks six weeks since Hugh arrived. We are so happy to report that our days with him, since coming home from the NICU at UCSF, have been gratefully uneventful. He is strong and healthy, seeming almost as if there were never any problems to begin with. Oh, we love him and are glad he is here.

And, today also marks six months since we brought Benjamin home. Arriving at this six month mark is a pretty big deal around these parts. It means that we can now finalize his adoption with the court, which means we can take him to the temple and have him sealed to us, which means he'll be a part of our family forever.

The bad news is that we just found out last week that there were things that were overlooked in our file and there are some things that have to be done before we can submit everything to the court. We're hoping that these extra little steps will be taken care of quickly so that we can move forward with everything.

But, whether the wait is another three weeks or three months, Benjamin is still very much a part of our family... we don't need a judge to tell us that. We love our little Ben so much. And, on days like today, we are especially aware of Tracey and this most precious gift she has given to us. We hope so much for rich blessings to come flooding into her life.

(Tomorrow is Ben's six month appointment and I'm so curious to find out how much he has grown in the last two months... I swear he has doubled in size!)


Stout Ranch said...

We are so excited for you to get to the temple. Let us know? We can't come out but we can plan to be in the T at the same time (long distance support!)

I am amazed at how how time flies - I was reading my journal from a few years ago, your late night call - we cried together for hours... I am so glad things have changed for the better and that your family has grown! So, so happy.

We love you!

candice said...

I love that picture of you with the two boys sleeping--you are AMAZING! Wow. I'm super impressed.

What a beautiful family you have, and so many things to look forward to.

brossettelewis said...

I love them both asleep in your arms. :)

Kristine Adler-Nissen said...

Supermom! Amazing!!!

Mindy said...

Megan, I love, love, love that photo!! You are such a cute mama!!!!