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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ben at Six Months

Hey cute boy! Yeah, I'm talking to you...

On Sunday you turned six months. Yesterday was your six month appointment with Dr. Birkenstock. As if we needed your pediatrician to tell us this - you continue to grow just like you should.

"Duh, Mom... I always finish my bottles, just like you like me to."

You now weigh 17 pounds 4 ounces (25th percentile)

You're measuring at 27 1/2 inches (75th percentile)

And, your head is 43 1/2 centimeters (25th percentile)

And those eyes... those blue blue eyes...

Besides those monthly stats, you are rolling all over the place. You will start off on one side of the room and before we know it you're all the way over to the other side. Your crawling is mostly just little pushes with your toes, like a little inch worm. But, we're pretty sure that full-out-crawling is just around the corner.

Your most favorite place to be is outside. You seem to especially love your walks down to the grove of redwood trees in Grandpa's arms or circling the large umbrella tree across the street in your stroller with Grandma.

We sort of accidentally discovered that you love that big purple dinosaur... he does have some pretty catchy tunes that make you smile. We're flying in an airplane, looking out the window watching the clouds go by... Your smiles often turn into delightful squeals. I'm thinking I should make your Daddy a nice purple and green costume. (Not sure how he feels about that, though.)

We've started feeding you Big Boy Food. So far you've tried watermelon, bananas, avocado and steamed carrots. You especially love bananas. We're excited that this time of year will give you the chance to try lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

You are a big talker... if only we could understand all your exciting stories. We hope you don't ever tire of having so much to say. (Although you might have to remind that I said that in a couple of years!)

And, one of my favorite things you do now... when I reach down to pick you up, you've started to reach up toward me. I love it!

We continue to feel that we are the luckiest parents in the world to have you in our arms. There are no words to express the joy you bring into our life.

You are pure joy, my son! Oh, how we love you!


Kaija said...

what a beautiful post! i love the narrative voice you adopt and the loving details you share. love to all!

Stout Ranch said...

He has gotten so big so fast! Oh Meg - I am so happy for you! And sweet Hugh, he is catching up. I love following your blog - email is just so hard to stay updated. I am so glad we have kept in touch. Your updates give me hope!

Did you think time would pass so quickly?

We will be approved next Friday! Eeekk! It went so quickly with all of the paperwork and visits - now it is just waiting.

Jolie said...

Like your other friends, I love this post, too. You have such a beautiful way of expressing your feelings. I'm sure you can't wait to finalize Ben's adoption and then take your little family to the temple. What an exciting time it will be!

Inkling said...

I cannot believe how fast time is passing. It seems like just the other day you brought him home! It's been fun to watch him grow side by side with his little brother. They are so precious and adorable together.

As for the purple dinosaur, that made me giggle. You are right, they are catchy tunes. We occasionally use his cousin, Boz the big green bear, as distraction when I need sanity time. Boz is made by one of the co-creators of the purple guy, and there is a faith aspect to it and great family examples in it. I actually like to watch it with my little guy, though my husband doesn't always like having the songs ingrained in his head when he's trying to relax...."my best friend is green, he lives in a tree, right next door to the Baxter family......" =)