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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Renaissance Men

Since I'm still staying home, and away from viruses that might harm my babes, I didn't make it to church today. (Last Sunday someone actually asked my Dad how "the bubble babies" were doing... making light of my overly protective ways. Funny John. I don't mind... at least my babies aren't catching others' sicknesses.) 

Anyway, since I was home (with the help of my Mom for part of the time), we watched Music and the Spoken Word. Appropriately the message today was dedicated to fathers. One message that was highlighted was something referred to as "the Renaissance Man," which basically is a title given to men who are skilled and talented in many different disciplines. Lloyd Newell pointed out that in our society there are many to whom we could give this title, but those men most deserving of it are the fathers who find ways to balance being a hard-working bread-winner and filling the tender role of father.

While I listened to the message, I couldn't help but reflect on the two fathers in my life that mean the most to me - my Dad and my Marc. Here are two men who are Renaissance Men in every way.

* My Dad with Hugh

My Dad always seemed to find the extra time for early morning fishing and camping trips, exploring the outdoors, and spending individual time with each of us. And, now, I adore watching the time he gives to my little boys. A year ago I had an intimate talk with my Dad while at our family reunion. I told him how much longed for the day that I could watch he and my Mom loving and caring for my children, the way I've always watched them care for my nieces and nephews. I was so worried that day wouldn't come in time. But, now that time has come and it brings me so much joy!

* Marc with Ben

And, just for the record, I think Marc deserves the title of Father of the Year. I have been so amazed with how well he has managed wearing all the different hats that he has to wear right now... not only in how he has done it all, but how he has done it cheerfully. He has been Ben's nighttime buddy - taking over bath-time, massage-time, and sleepy-time. Then, in the morning he lets me sleep in with Hugh, bringing me breakfast in bed. During the day he works long, full hours... but still making himself available if I need his extra arms. Then, at night we've managed to find at least a half hour that we spend together talking or watching part of a movie or doing something to keep us connected. On top of "Daddy" and "Husband" and "Designer" he also has a busy church calling that keeps him busy throughout the entire week. I've never felt so lucky to have him as my life's companion.

So, Happy Father's Day to my two favorite Renaissance Men... and to all the other amazing Renaissance Men out there!


Anonymous said...

I don't believe I've ever had a baby catch a sickness from church.
Nursery, maybe, but not just from sitting in church.
You must have a sickly ward?

Anonymous said...

Babies and people get sick from other people at church all the time.

Nothing about a church exempts it from the laws of nature and communicable disease...that I know of, anyway.

Anonymous #1 must be livin' in the spirit world