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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday in the Park

... you'd think it was the fourth of July...

Well, it was the third.

And we went to sort of celebrate the fourth a day early, so it works, right? (I love that Chicago song!)

Yesterday, all four of us ventured out together to the City Park. This was only the second time we've all gone out together. The first being the cemetery on Memorial day. Well, not counting our frequent walks in our neighborhood with the stroller.

Benjamin tried out an outdoor swing for the first time. He has been very interested in watching shadows lately, so at first we couldn't get him to look up from staring at his moving shadow on the ground. He seemed to like swinging outside, even though he appeared a little confused about where we were and what we were doing there.

We didn't stay in the sun for too long. Instead we found a nice shady spot under a large redwood and away from the crowds, where we enjoyed the cool of the moment.

Marc and I had a mid-morning snack of cold, fresh pineapple and peanut M&Ms. 

Ben army-crawled to the grass and had a nice sensory experience. Proof lies in the dirt now under his fingernails.

And, Hugh took a nap.

The first of many trips to the park with these two boys. 

Even though we were there for less than an hour before both boys started getting fussy and ready to head home, it was a successful little outing! Funny to think that before long our trips to the park will end with fussiness because of them NOT wanting to go home.


Kaija said...

I LOVE those swinging photos! Happy Fourth!

Calamity Jane said...

darling darling darling!

Can't wait to hold those babies!

Leslie said...

WOW... he's getting big. i LOVE coming to visit your blog and seeing your family with a babe.

you are amazing.