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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Camping on the Coast

We went camping along the Northern California coast, in a rather secluded area that we had never been to before. Whenever we go to the coast we always have our usual beaches and favorite spots we like to visit... but, lately we've felt the urge to break away from the old, the familiar... and find new favorites and discover new adventures. I guess that makes sense. With our hearts feeling so vulnerable and exposed to such unfamiliar feelings, it seems fitting that we would feel most comfortable being out of our comfort zone.

The sunset was spectacular:

The three raccoons that were gently clawing at our tent, ended up being harmless:

The weather was cool and refreshing, without a cloud in the sky:

The waves and ocean brought renewal and healing:

Walking along the shore, watching the waves wash over the rocks, it almost felt as if we were getting an intimate glimpse into our own hearts. We are experiencing our own waves of pain and healing. There is high tide and there is low tide. There is the ebb and the flow. It's so much of how we've been feeling lately that being near the ocean makes us feel very much at home.

It's comforting to find that even when we're in unfamiliar territory that there are constants that we can rely on without fail... like that no matter what part of the ocean we go to, we are still going to find the same feelings of comfort and calm.

Even more than that, we're grateful that along this unchartered pathway of our grief we find constance in the One who has traveled this road before, who has not abandoned us in our time of need. We have felt His assurance again and again: I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. - John 14:18

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Andrea said...

Megan, abosolutley beautiful! You are an amazing writer and have such incredible insight. The week after Wyatt's funeral we decided to take our kids out of school and go to New Port Beach. On of our most favorite places to go. There was a certain peace that would come to me at the ocean. I loved you analogy of the waves and what we are going through right now. So true! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and heart. Thanks also for sharing such beautiful pictures.