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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

18 weeks

Yesterday I had my appointment with my new doctor, who will be delivering our babies. She was so wonderful! Leading up to the appointment I was a little nervous, and afraid that I wouldn't feel good about Dr. N and then have to go out and find someone else. But, the appointment went better than I ever could have hoped. I felt completely at ease and comfortable from the moment she walked into the room. I just know that our babies are going to be in the best hands with her as our doctor! 

During the appointment she mentioned that she rarely lets twin pregnancies go past 36 weeks, mainly because that's when one or both twins will stop growing and other problems start to arise. So, with that new information in mind, and with yesterday being our official 18-week mark, I am already half way through this pregnancy! 

It's probably no secret, but when we first found out we were expecting we were probably more scared than excited. I hate to even admit that, but after all that we've been through it was hard to believe it was something that would actually last. With every passing day and every doctor appointment, our fears have been increasingly replaced by the most incredible joy and gratitude. Our babies continue to amaze us with their growth, their strength, and their incredible sharing of the placenta. I love to think that they're already getting their first lessons in sharing with each other.

We have an ultrasound tomorrow at a different office, but yesterday Dr. N decided she wanted to take a look at the babies herself rather than just listening to their heartbeats. I never get tired of seeing our babies. I'm still in awe that what I'm seeing on the monitor is actually going on inside my body. The creation of life is such a miracle!

We've had some requests to get a glimpse of my growing belly, so here's an 18-week photo:

I was so happy to find out at my appointment yesterday that I gained 7 pounds in the last two weeks. After losing so much weight at the beginning, putting on pounds has been slower than I expected, until now.

According to this awesome book I've been reading (and have totally LOVED!), with twins I should be eating 3500 calories/day and by week 20 I should have gained 25 pounds. At this current rate, I think I actually might make it! Apparently after the second trimester it gets much more difficult to gain a lot of weight, so the idea is to put on the bulk of the pounds early so that the babies have a reserve to feed off of when my stomach no longer has the space to fill up with food.

And, since we're on the subject, I guess I should say that I had my first real craving last week:


After watching the Super Size Me documentary a few weeks ago, I swore I would never eat fast food again. But, I just couldn't resist the craving! Well, and I have a slight iron deficiency, so I need to increase my red meat intake, for the babies' sakes. Plus, it would take a lot of celery to get in those daily 3500 calories. For the record, the Big Mac went down just great... loved every bite! But, the after taste wasn't as pleasant... so, I think we'll stick with our homemade burgers.

Overall everything is going so incredibly well! We have been so blessed. We continue to appreciate all the thoughtful prayers and warm wishes for us and our babies! We have the most wonderful family and friends!


Allred Mom said...

You are so cute with your baby belly! That is so exciting that you are half way there! So many blessings to be grateful for and so many more to come for you and Marc! Rachel
P.S. I don't blame you on the Big Mac....the after taste isn't so good! :)

Jen said...

Big Mac's are my FAV!!! I got jipped I had to go 38 weeks. If I had gone earlier then my twins would be in school this fall. Now they have to wait another year and be the OLDEST in their class. I am so happy that everything is still going well.

Trent and Amber said...

What a cute preggo momma!! I took a pic each month w/each girl and it's so nice to have now to remember. While you're preggo you don't think you'll forget how big you are and how it feels to have a big ol belly, but you do! I love my pregnant pics and hope you keep taking them all along the way! So glad all is going well and enjoy those cravings while you can! 3500 calories??! that's awesome! I love to eat! ;) i love all the updates!

KieraAnne said...

Aaaahhh...look at your cute little belly. :) Glad everything is going well with the new doctor it really does make all the difference. Was she able to get a better look at see if they were girls or not?

Familia Fowler said...

I had heard you were starting to show! Thanks for showing us that cute belly! McD's was a MAJOR problem when I was pregs with Bennett. 60lbs!

Calamity Jane said...

Good for you on the big mac, I am thinking you could take care of the days calories if you would have added the super size fries and large chocolate shake. WHat I want to know is, did marc have the same craving? This is a strange phenom that mel and I had, he ate what I ate wanted what I wanted, (except for the ice chewing). Nice to have the company.

Amanda said...

I think that it is so great for you guys. I'm so glad that you like your Dr. It makes a world of difference!

Marc and Megan said...

Thanks, Rachel! We may need those extra blessings more than we thought!

Jenni, that's amazing you went 38 weeks... I had no idea. That's awesome!

Amber, I love to eat, too, so I am definitely enjoying this while I can!

KieraAnne, yes, we are so relieved to have found such a good doctor... and we do know now for sure that they're girls!

Emi, 60 lbs? I can't even imagine! It's good to know that McD's is the key, though, if I'm slacking!

Celinda, you nailed it! When I told Marc I was going to get a Big Mac, he was like, "ooh, that sounds GOOD!" And, I actually tried to get the large chocolate milkshake, but their machine was broken. :( So, I stopped by Wendy's on the way home and got two frosties!

Amanda, thanks! And, you're right - there is a night and day difference between our previous doctor and our current doctor. We are so happy to be in better hands.

Kamie said...

You are too cute! Yay!

haley said...

It is so funny that you craved the Big did I when I was pregnant with the boys. And afterward, I swore I would never eat another one again...and I haven't! You look really cute by the way!