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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Three Pluses and a Wish

In one of my classes last semester we had to give oral presentations to the class. When not presenting we had to critique the presentations of our classmates. Rather than having us list the positives and negatives of the presentation, our teacher had us fill out a form where we wrote out 3 things we really liked and 1 thing we wished for the presentation. I liked that she made us focus on the positive.

We had a big ultrasound today, where they measured all the anatomy of both babies. Rather than giving you the "good news" and the "bad news"... I thought I'd use this same format and share with you 3 pluses and a wish. 

Three Pluses:

#1: We have received the official news that our babies are most definitely little GIRLS!!

#2: Both little girls are measuring exactly the same AND right on track with my due date. (One is estimated to weigh 8 oz. and the other 9 oz.)

#3: We have the most incredible team of doctors to work with, who are very on top of giving us and our baby girls THE BEST care possible.

And, a WISH:

* That the early sign of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome that was discovered today will have a happy, healthy ending for us and our little girls.

Fortunately we are under such good, watchful care that the TTTS is still at a very early stage that hasn't affected the growth in either baby yet. There is a chance that nothing serious will come of this, but there is also a chance that we'll have to go in for invasive surgery to try to correct the problem, if it doesn't correct itself. Our perinatologist felt it was best to err on the side of being overly cautious at this early stage and has referred us to see the lead specialists at UCSF early next week (probably Tuesday). At that appointment we'll get a better idea of how serious our situation is and what treatment, if any, we feel would be best for our little girls.

We hoped to go the full 36 weeks without having to face this possibility, but are determined to do everything in our power to beat the odds and come out of this with two healthy baby girls. Through this entire journey we have felt the Lord's hand guiding us and we feel comforted knowing we aren't facing this alone. We continue to appreciate the many prayers being offered for us and for our babies. Thanks to all of you for your love and support.


Allred Mom said...

You are always so positive! I love your format of 3 pluses and a wish. I need to remember that! What a great teacher you had.

On your wish, may you continue to feel the Savior's love for you both, and your babies, as you receive all the information you will in the coming days about the situation with the TTTS.
My thoughts and prayers are with you. ~Rachel

Amy said...

Tons and tons of thoughts and prayers are with you and your little girls. I'm so glad that you're getting the very best care that's available.

KieraAnne said...

Yay for girls! I hope your doctors will be able to fix everything so that all will be well with your little babies. :)

Kamie said...

I am so excited you are having girls! And you are in our thoughts and prayers. I am glad you and your babies are in good hands.


haley said...

Girls! Yay! I don't know much about TTTS-I just kind of thought that it was more about their weight than anything else. I will have to do more research on that. I am so glad that you like your new doctor! Good luck-you are in our prayers.

The Wright Family said...

Sounds like you are in good hands. Congratulations on two girls!

ckkg said...

i'm sure everything will work out just fine. and your great attitude is definitely the way to approach things! sooo exciting that you are DEFINITELY having girls! ooooh, i can't wait!!

Brenley and her boys! said...

I always imagined that they were girls for some reason, yippee! ANd about the TTTS, Bryce's sister had that with her twins and they found it really early because it was a very apparent. (I won't tell you the ending except that it only ended half good!) But it sounds like your little girls are doing great so far, so I am sure that they will be born perfectly healthy! I will continue to pray so very hard for those little girls. I guess you better start working on names!

Larsen's said...

I love you and I love to read your posts because of the spirit I feel and because of what an amazing person you are. I always knew that though. We also are praying for you and your sweet little babies. I know that Heavenly Father is aware of your situation and that because of your faith he will help you through this. Love, love, love you. Love, Brooke