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Monday, June 25, 2012

Soaking up my boys

The last few days I've really been trying to soak up all the extra time I have with my boys. I know once baby girl arrives, it just won't be quite the same. Not that it'll be bad, it'll just be different. I'm not sure exactly how much they understand about how our lives are about to change. We've done things to help prepare them and I really hope it's been enough to make the transition a little easier.

As I've been doing more to be present and playful with Ben and Hugh, I've been taking note of their growing personalities and finding so much joy in who they are and how they're different.

Ben is constantly in motion and bursting at the seams with energy. I admit that at times it drives me nuts - like mealtimes when we can't get him to sit still long enough to finish his plate and have to literally follow him around the house feeding him bites of food. Then there are days, like today, when sickness strikes and he is lethargic and lifeless and, while I really love the extra cuddling, I really miss my active little guy running around the house and climbing on the table and jumping off boxes. I guess the things that drive me the most nuts are also the things that make him so darn loveable. I have to remember this tomorrow, assuming that he wakes up feeling better in the morning.

And, then there's Hugh. He is feisty and more opinionated than I thought possible at this age, whether it's about what to wear or what to eat or when it's a good time for a diaper change (never!). In public he shows this very serious side, but at home and with people he feels comfortable he is the biggest clown. He loves doing silly things just to make people laugh and then he'll do it over and over again to keep the laughter going. And, if things are just a little too boring or calm, you can always count on Hugh to instigate some drama with stealing a toy from Ben or trying out some new head-butting wrestling move. We're working on eliminating that unnecessary drama, though.

Today I had the rare treat of having some time alone with Ben for a little bit. Two days a week he goes to a play group that's intended to help him improve his languages skills. On those mornings, after dropping Ben off, Hugh usually tags along with me on my errand-running. This morning I dropped Hugh off with my parents and then took Ben to his play group, planning on doing my errands on my own today.

But, as soon as I tried to drop Ben off and he acted much more clingy and needy than usual, I realized that he really wasn't feeling well and decided to skip play group for today. I really needed to pick up a few items from the store, so we made a quick stop before heading home. And, I loved loved loved having that one-on-one time with my little Benjamin! I realized how much I value and appreciate that precious, individual time spent with my boys... and decided I really have to make it a priority for it to happen often.

The coming weeks and months are going to bring some new expectations and changes to our normal routine and schedule. I'm just hoping that I'll find a way to help my boys feel secure and loved through it all. I adore my two little guys more than I can express, even when their two-year old antics drive me a little bit crazy at times. I really do need to remember that those same things that drive me crazy are also pieces of their personalities that I love so much.


Allred Mom said...

Your boys are so lucky to have a mom that is so loving, nurturing and so aware of their needs. Continue enjoying those precious moments that drive you crazy, as well as those precious moments that are just that, precious. The time flies quickly by, even though when you are in the midst of it, you don't realize just how fast it is. Glad that you were able to have the one on one time with Ben today. Every moment of time in our children's lives are so important! :)

Tim, Annie, Jack said...

love both of those cute boys personalities!

Christy Bishop said...

Best. Mom. Ever.