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Monday, June 11, 2012

Prayers for a friend

Just after we lost our twins, I came across another couple's blog who had also just recently lost their baby boy. Cali and I exchanged emails in those first few months and she was an incredible source of strength for me during that time. Since then, she and her husband have added a darling little girl to their family and recently found out they were expecting another baby boy.

There have been some complications during this pregnancy and in the last couple of days things have taken a terrible turn for the worst. I haven't been able to think of much else tonight and hoped I could solicit some extra prayers on her behalf.

If you go to Cali's blog, here, you can read more about her situation, as well as the link on the most current blog post to her sister-in-law's blog about her current status.

I feel completely unable to express how much my heart hurts for what this family must be going through right now and I know that any and all prayers offered on their behalf will add to their ability to get through whatever lies ahead.


Liz said...

I heard about this yesterday and it brought me to tears. I can't believe how much they've been through together. I'm praying with all my heart and soul for this family...

Becky Rose said...

I used to be a regular reader of this blog. so sad to know hard times concerning a baby is happening. I'll be praying.

Inkling said...

I'll be praying. I read the post and my heart is just broken over it all. May Jesus hold them close. These are the times when life just hurts, literally.

Inkling said...

I wanted to come back and let you know that I have a friend who may be willing to connect with Cali. One year ago, she had a similar experience that also led to a hysterectomy. (I've been reading Cali's sister-in-law's update and am just broken over the outcome.) If anyone knows the emotional struggles involved, she does. Do you think this is something Cali might appreciate later on, once she is home and beginning to recover physically? If so, I think this comment links you to my email and you can email me. Then I'll email you back with her contact info provided she is for sure willing to connect with Cali. My friend is coming up on the one year mark of her emergency hysterectomy that saved her life, and I know the emotions she's facing are hard. But I'm thinking she may find it healing to reach out to another mama with a very similar story.

Anyway, that's just an idea that I wanted to put out there. Whatever you feel led to do is totally fine.