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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh Blessed Tupperware

With Thanksgiving around the corner, much of today was spent preparing for tomorrow. I made a dairy-free pumpkin pie, a caramel apple pie, and a traditional apple pie with the leftover pie crust and apples.

I had arranged with Marc to have some extra help with the boys for a couple of hours, so that I could get the pies done faster. At one point while Marc ran to the store to pick up a crucial ingredient for me, I was left with my little walking boy playing at my feet. 

I was busy peeling the granny smith apples. Ben was busy pulling out the Tupperware from the bottom cabinet and the red plastic cups. Then he found his favorite cupboard that holds the Emergen-C packets that he likes to tote around and chew on.

I paused to watch him playing at my feet, and thought of Hugh still napping upstairs... and felt so grateful for these two little boys who have come into my life. A year ago they were both on their way, but I was still feeling very hesitant to trust that they would both arrive safely and surely. But, hope was as strong as ever.

And, here we are a year later with our greatest hopes realized. Benjamin and Hugh have filled the space in my heart where pain once set up camp and threatened to stay forever. I never would have imagined life could be so sweet. Even, or maybe especially, with a kitchen floor covered in Tupperware.  

With so much to be grateful for, tomorrow is bound to be a wonderful day of celebration. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends!


Liz said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Have a wonderful, blessing filled day!!

Kaija said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Allred Mom said...

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! I am so grateful for you!

Andrea said...

I'm so grateful you have your boys. Such a blessing!!! I hope your thanksgiving was wonderful.

Our computer died that had all our addresses on for Christmas cards.sigh. So, I would like to send you card but I need your address. So, if you have a second could you e-mail me your address. I hope you know how amazing you are. :)