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Monday, November 1, 2010

Candy Experiment

Last night we realized that the boys' bedtime was going to interfere with Trick or Treaters (or, actually the other way around), but we were determined to get rid of the huge bowl of candy so we came up with a plan.

We put the bowl of candy on the porch with a sign - "Please take TWO pieces of candy" - hoping that would be enough to set some limits while at the same time depleting our supply.

As we were heading upstairs I made a comment to Marc about wishing I could sit and watch to see what people would do. Would one kid come along and dump the entire bowl into his bag? So, at the last minute Marc decided to set up the video camera in a perfect position to catch all the action without anyone knowing. We turned the lights out and went about our bedtime routine as usual.

I headed downstairs around 9pm, expecting to find an empty candy bowl. Instead it was still half full. I know there were kids who came by, since I was spying on a couple here and there. Apparently kids are more honest these days than what I would have expected, especially on a night like Halloween when the greed for candy is at an all-time high.

Or maybe taking a bowl of candy to fill your bucket ruins the fun of going door to door for three hours.

Or maybe they didn't like our choice of candy.

Whatever the reason we still have far too much candy than we know what to do with.

Save it for next year? Ha!


Erica said...

Niiice! My sister discovered last year that Halloween candy freezes - stick it in the freezer and save it for stocking candy!!

Kate said...

yeah . . . we tried the same thing . . . some girls came along when my husband happened to be sneaking a look, and dumped the entire contents of the bowl into their bags . . . *sigh*
i agree with Erica though, save it for stocking candy! :)

KieraAnne said...

We did the same thing for the first part of the night while we were gone at the ward trunk or treat. The only difference being I deliberately put out the not-so-popular candy (tootsie rolls, tootsie pops etc..) in the hope that it would discourage people from taking too much. It didn't work. The bowl was totally cleaned out by the time we got home. But that's okay since I really didn't want to eat that candy and now we're "stuck" with the good stuff. Darn it. ;)

Liz said...

Wow...that's amazing. We had some nice trick or treaters and nobody messed with our pumpkins this year. I think I rather enjoyed Halloween this year!!

Yeah for manners!!!

Mindy said...

This only worked for you because I wasn't a child TOT at your house. ;)

The Wright Family said...

I wish I had the same experience. I just wanted to walk a small section of the neighborhood with Grant and Parker (I'm 8 months pregnant) and when I returned 20 minutes later, our huge bowl of candy was empty. I didn't want everyone else of the evening to have nothing, so I filled it with Parker's trunk or treat candy and a bunch of fruit snacks. Those were all taken too. Kind of ruins it for me. I wonder if those kids who dumped the candy in their bags feel any guilt at all. It was like $10 worth of candy! Don't they know they are stealing?