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Monday, October 5, 2009

The land of my Heart

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Yesterday afternoon, while watching a movie with Marc and my parents,  I found myself transported back to a moment almost nine years ago. I was sitting on a plane, looking out the dark window, with fearful tears that the land I was leaving would be left behind, never to be visited again. I decided in that moment to leave (at least a piece of) my heart there, desperately hoping that my heart strings would pull me back for future visits. Yesterday, as my mind went back to that moment, my heart was filled to overflowing with the most incredible feeling of joy and excitement, knowing that in mere days I would set foot in that same sacred land, discovering again how it captured my heart the first time. Things to look forward to - reunion with a dear friend, a big Sicilian wedding, a toast (in Italian) by yours truly, gelato, real Italian food, walking the cobblestone streets, the sounds, the smells, the sights, and sharing it all with my Love.

Leaving tomorrow! Incredible pictures and surely some hilarious stories soon to follow.... Ci vediamo!


Kate said...

oh Megan! I'm so excited for you! You don't need me to tell you to have a FANTABULOUS time, but I hope you do! :)

Kaija said...

buon viaggio!

Allred Fam said...

have a grand time in Italy!

Allred Mom said...

We hope you are having a wonderful time! I can hardly wait to hear the stories and see the pictures! Next time....Scott and I go with you! :)

Jen said...

Che bella cosa! And much deserved. I hope you have a wonderful time.