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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Source of Healing

I have always loved the story of Peter walking on the water to Christ, but in the last few weeks its message has come to mean even more to me. As we have had our own long, dark nights of navigating stormy seas, I have been touched with the message of Christ coming to the aid of his disciples who found themselves on a stormy Sea of Galilea. After a long night of struggling through the raging waters, Christ came in the fourth watch of the night, declaring, “be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.”

Peter then answers Christ, “Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.” The invitation from Christ, ever consistent, is “come.” Peter then enters the troubled waters and, with his eye fixed on the Savior, walks on the water towards Him. It is only when his focus changes from the Savior to fearing the winds and the waves, that he begins to sink. Peter, knowing Christ could save him in that moment of need, cries out, “Lord, save me.” And, I love the next part: “And, immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him.”

I find myself wanting to be as quick as Peter in crying out for help. When the burden gets too heavy to bear or when I feel tempted to dwell on the "if onlys" and "what ifs", I'm learning to turn my focus to Christ. I've experienced great peace in doing that. When my thoughts and feelings are directed towards Him, my heart is softened, my pain is soothed, and I find immediate calm. And, those moments of calm have come to mean so much.

About a week ago I found myself going through a low moment. To help me get through that valley, I knew I needed to shift my focus to Christ, and away from the doubts and fears. I decided to put together a slideshow of paintings of Christ. Somewhere in that process I was reminded again of how much I need Christ to get through this, and that He wants me to need Him.

I also felt a sense of Him wanting and needing me to get through this, needing me to come out of this stronger and more faithful. It'll be a process that might take a while, but I am so grateful to know He is there to help me through whatever comes. He is there, just like He was for Peter, waiting and wanting to lift us and save us.

* Image credit: Greg Olsen, Simon Dewey


Thorny Tree Lady said...

De-lurking to say how much I appreciate your words, your strength, and your example. I have had many struggles in my life (as have we all); 8 miscarriages, job trials, health problems, etc.; but right now I'm climbing out of the most difficult situation of my life. Sometimes the climb upward from the bottom of the pit can be harder than the descent or fall. But I know my Savior is there at the top, beckoning me to take his hand, and will help to ease some of my strain (wisely, he doesn't take all of it away, or I would never develop the muscles and strength I need in the future). I had forgotten all this yesterday, and reading your post today reminded me of it all. Thank you, and God Bless you both.

Allred Fam said...

that's beautiful.... I'm wondering where you got all of those wonderful images of Christ....

Andrea said...

Oh Megan,
I am here crying and feeling the spirit so strongly. Thank you for you inspiration and your amazing testimony of our Savior. Thanks for giving me what I needed today. You are truly wonderful!

My Favorite Things said...

Hi Megan, Cousin Becky Rose here. We've been following your story through your dads emails. I was SO thrilled to hear about your pregnancy with twins, and so saddened at your loss. I was at Dawnette's on Friday and she shared with me some of the details of the birth, funeral etc. Your blog addres was on Sunny's and so I clicked there and read much of your entries. Wow. Thank you for being so honest and sharing such hard things. It really made my life difficulties seem like nothing and helped me to get to you. You are an amazingly strong woman with great faith. I felt inadaquate just reading it and realized how much growth I have to do spiritually and I consider myself pretty 'there' ya know. I love the scriptures as obviosly you do. In times of trials though I often don't handle it with such grace as you have. I have a blog as well:
What a great way to get to know family we really don't know! Know that my prayers are with you! Love, Becky

Natalie said...

My Aunt Andrea did a post about your slide show of Christ so I decided to take a look. Thank you for your testimony and the stregnth you show through your words. Thank you for sharing your experiences and struggles. I have read just two of your posts, but I can tell that you are truly being moulded by a loving Heavenly Father through your trials. Just by the spirit I felt from your posts I can tell you are a beautiful person because of your testimony and compassion. As we all have trials in life, it is so inspiring to hear how you have dealt with yours. I can tell you are truly an amazing person. God bless you and your husband. I know He will.

Jill said...

A friend of mine emailed me your blog. Thank you so much for your thoughts and your testimony. I lost a baby girl 8 months ago. My water broke at 22 weeks and they guess it was a placenta infection. It truly is a hard thing to have to go through and faith is the only way to get through it - and even with faith and a strong testimony some days are just hard. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much for sharing.

Miss Molly said...

I found your blog through another blog (Larson's) on a private blog for families who have lost children. Our Lucy passed away three months ago at the age of two after choking on a very small apple piece. I wanted to share my blog post (mostly thoughts from a friend) on Peter as well! What a wonderful story.

May you be strengthened in your difficult times.

Leslie said...

my parents listened to ann murray as we were growing up. whenever i have heard that song, i have always felt like it fit so well with thoughts of the Saviour. when i pushed play and heard the beginning of the song, i was really excited. i have never seen photos put to that song and you did it so well. you chose such beautiful and inspiring ones to put in there.
thank you. it was a great reminder for all of us. especially for when we are going through times of great sorrow.
you story is inspiring as well. thank you for your kind thoughts on my blog. i am glad you found my blog, so that i could also read yours.
thank you.
leslie *