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Friday, February 29, 2008

Grandma's 25th Birthday

My maternal grandparents (circa 1970, maybe)

My very sweet Grandma Hedy was born February 29, 1908. She actually passed away in February 1999, but it was wonderful today to think of her on her birthday - especially since it only comes once every four years. Today would have been Grandma's 25th Birthday. The fact that she was born on Leap Year is just one of the many things that makes my Grandma the coolest Grandma in the world!

I was really blessed with some incredible ancestors... I mean, there are some really unbelievable stories that stir all kinds of emotions when I think of them. But, let me just tell you a little bit about my Grandma Hedy. She was born in Germany, where she joined the Church with her family. In 1930, when she was 22, she left Germany and most of her family to come to the United States, arriving just before immigration closed. Her younger sister, Paula, came with her and they settled in Vernal, Utah. The two of them ended up meeting and marrying two handsome men who were brothers. The two couples, Hedy & Harlend and Paula & Aubra, lived across the street from each other for the rest of their lives in little ol' Vernal, Utah. It's no wonder I've always had dreams of living across the street from my own sisters.

We spent every Christmas of my childhood in Vernal, with the exception of one or two. Grandma Hedy was a crack up - she wasn't afraid to say it like it was. I loved that about her. She was warm and generous, and 110% authentic.

She spent her last couple of months living in California with my parents, since she had gotten to the point of needing a little extra help. I came home for a weekend visit from BYU just about a week before she passed away. I have very tender memories of just sitting and talking with her that weekend. I was sending in my mission papers and was feeling a little nervous about everything. We came to the agreement that if she were to die while I was on my mission, then she would watch over me. And, that, she did.

About a week later I was back in Provo... I woke up really early one morning, startled with an overwhelming feeling of love. Within an hour I got a phone call letting me know that Grandma Hedy had passed away. I like to think that warm feeling I felt was Grandma Hedy saying good-bye. It was just like her to be thoughtful like that. Always taking the time to be with us individually. She was such a wonderful woman. If she were still alive today I would buy her this shirt:

Happy Birthday, Grandma! Your legacy lives on in our hearts. You will never be forgotten.


Sheri Larsen said...

What was your grandma's last name? We live in Vernal and my husband's family are long timers here- his great-great grandfather settled Roosevelt. I have read your blog for a while. We have a lovely blended family- three genetic and one very special blessing. Our second oldest was adopted through LDS social services in 1997- right after we moved bace to Vernal.

Marc and Megan said...

Sheri, thanks for posting a comment! It's especially fun to hear from someone from such a dear place as Vernal! It sounds like you have a very beautiful family! Hodgkinson is her last name. We still have some family living there, too, so maybe there is a chance that someone knows someone... love it when that happens!

Familia Fowler said...

Love the new layout! I clearly need some tutoring from you guys!

Christian & Jennifer said...

Megan, I love your blog. You are an excellent writer: insightful, loving, gracious, and with a spiritual depth that gives me warm fuzzies when I read your words. THanks for taking the time to express them. And your new layout is beautiful. You have a talent for that.

Brenley, Bryce & McCoy said...

I love the picture you have for your banner!

I will email you soon!

Marc and Megan said...

Thanks, you guys! I must admit that the new layout is all Marc's handiwork! He is quite amazing, isn't he?? I sure think so!! :)

Carrot Jello said...

Happy birthday grandma!
Love the new layout. Did you do it Megan?

Carrot Jello said...

D'Oh! I just read your comment.

Calamity Jane said...

Loove the look of the blog. Happy birthday Grandma!

Marc and Megan said...

Thanks, Carrot and Calamity! I'm SO LUCKY to be married to your little bro! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute Meggie!
What a wonderful write up on Mom. I shared my mother's life with my students on February 29. It is amazing that it has been 8 years...Your blog is fun! Glad to see that you are well and happy. Love to you and Marc. Aunt Kath