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Saturday, February 16, 2008

I've been tagged

I was tagged by Jennifer. We were both lucky enough to have served in the best mission in the world - Italy Padova. You should check out her blog when you get a chance... she has the most darling little kids and really fun stories to share.

Okay, so here it goes...

What is your husband's name? Marc Dwight. Interesting side note... my two brothers that are just older than me are Mark and Dwight. Yeah, crazy, I know!

How long have you been together? Since November 2001. We officially met on Monday, November 12th. Marc had been in a car accident the Saturday before and I offered to give him rides to school, since his car was non-existent, and he accepted. After two weeks of driving to and from school together, we were pretty much in love.

How long did you date? For about 8 months, from November until July. As silly as it sounds we were both convinced that our relationship was too good to be true, and so we actually had a couple of break-ups in there. We would decide to take some time apart to think things through, but we couldn't stand being away from each other, so the breaks never lasted more than a day or two. The funniest break-up was when Marc's Mom called me (we hadn't even met yet) and told me that I couldn't let Marc break up with me and that he didn't really mean it. Her phone call was such a huge relief! She saved me a lot of tears that night!

Who eats more? Oh man! This question is really embarrassing. I can eat... A LOT. We always take the same portion sizes, even though he's a foot taller than me. My motivation for exercise has always been so I can enjoy food! :)

Who said I love you first? Gosh, I don't remember. I think it was probably him, the day he told me he knew he was going to marry me. I was speechless. It took me two hours to respond.

Who is taller? He is.

Who has more speeding tickets? I think he does, but neither of us have gotten any since we've been married.

Who is smarter? Hands down, he is. I'm constantly amazed at the things he pulls out of that brain of his. It's unbelievable. He knows something about everything. It's very convenient to have a walking "google" always by my side. Plus, it makes it so there's never a dull moment. Love it!

Who is more sensitive? It's a toss up. It may or may not be the case that Marc is known to cry at some chick flicks.

When there is a fight who usually wins? I don't know if we ever fight. We have discussions, debates, and disagreements... but they never reach the "fighting" stage because Marc always does something to lighten the mood and make laughter come out of no where. It's really an incredible talent.

Who does the laundry? Marc. He is an angel. (He also likes cleaning the bathrooms!)

Who does the dishes? We used to have this unspoken rule that I cooked the meals and he did the dishes, but with his work schedule as busy as it is, I've tried to relieve him from the dishes. He tries to be sneaky sometimes and do them when I'm not looking. He's very sweet like that.

Who sleeps on the right? I do. It's so that he can be the first to attack any intruders that come in our bedroom during the night. Yeah, I have a very active imagination. I'm glad he humors me by playing along! I don't know what I'd do if he refused to sleep on the left....

Who pays the bills? He pays the bills that we pay online. I pay the bills that we still pay with checks. It seems to work well.

Who mows the lawn? We fight over who gets to mow since we have an environmental friendly hand push-mower. It really does make lawn mowing quite fun!

Who cooks dinner? I do, but there are certain things that I always have Marc do... like, the cheese-grating and making rice. As random as it sounds, whenever we have a meal that requires either of those things, he always does them. As a result, I honestly don't know how to make rice.

Who drives when you are together? 99% of the time it's Marc. I try to help out when making our 12 hour drive to visit either of our families... then he drives the first 4-hour shift, I drive the second, and he drives the third. I do make one heckuva navigator, though.

Who is more stubborn? We definitely both have our stubborn moments... they just seem to come out for different reasons. FYI, we both have the same astrological sign - Taurus the bull... and we were born in the year of the Horse, according to the Chinese calendar. Not that I believe all that horoscope stuff....

Who kissed whom first? It was very much a mutual effort. We'd been hanging out a lot, and when we got to the "holding hands stage" I started to feel like things were moving too fast. On a Sunday night walk I told him we needed to slow things down. When he didn't freak out and totally lose interest in me, it made me like him even more... so, two days later we had our first kiss standing on my front porch in Provo. He was on one step lower than me... we hugged, then pulled away, and then we both went in at the same time for the first kiss. It was a very sweet moment.

Who asked who out first? It's hard to say. I invited him to Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's, but I don't really consider that a "date." But, the night of Thanksgiving, he called me and asked me to go shopping with him the next morning. I thought it was so strange that a boy would want to go shopping on the busiest shopping day of the year. We went to a couple of stores, but ended up at a little cafe eating french toast together. (I found out later that he was just using it as an excuse to do something with me. So cute!)

Who proposed? He did. We were at his family reunion in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Since we'd been dating for 8 months, there were a lot of questions coming from his family that week of when we were going to get married. A couple of days into the reunion, I ate something that made me sick and spent a day or so resting a lot. Once I was finally feeling well enough to get out, we went on a walk along the beach. Marc was being really quiet and seemed a little distant. We found a driftwood log to sit on, and without any warning he was on a knee asking me to marry him. He was so nervous and cute... we hugged and cried. And then somehow we ended up having a tickle-war in the sand. As long as I live, I'll never forget that moment.

Who has more siblings? I do, just by one, though. I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. Marc has 2 brothers and 4 sisters. Immediately upon meeting his family, I felt like they were just an extension of my own family. I've been very blessed.

People I am tagging: Christy, Jenni


Brenley, Bryce & McCoy said...

I can tell you two were meant for each other!

Christian & Jennifer said...

I love your stories! How fun it is to hear all about how two people fell in love. I'm grateful to know you, Megan, and just wish we'd had a chance to serve closer together!

Marc and Megan said...

Yeah, we're pretty much in love. :D