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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tagged again...

This time I was tagged by Carly. Now, here is a woman with a heart of pure gold, whom I've admired from afar... but hope to one day soon meet in person.

What is in your bag???

The Rules: 1. You have to show your bag 2. Show all the contents in the bag, no cleaning it out! 3. Bag tag 5 more people.

Okay, so here's my purse:

And, currently this is what it looks like inside:

And, what is all that junk inside of it? Well, let me tell you...
1. My wallet
2. My eyeglasses case
3. A tupperware of Valentine candy for the Primary class I covered today.
4. The "reading ball" for seminary
5. One of my seminary student's make-up work
6. Receipts and my plane ticket from my trip to Utah last month.
7. Body Shop Mango Lip Butter
8. Five pens, a hair tie, and a safety pin
9. Two post-it notes with a couple of my favorite quotes written on them.

I love my very large purse because it also doubles as my Church bag, my seminary bag, and my school bag. Thus, its contents are constantly changing depending on the day of week. Some of my friends have nicknamed me "Mary Poppins" simply because I've just happened to have much-needed items in emergency situations. I kind like that title. I mean, really, who wouldn't love to be Mary Poppins?

Okay, so I tag: Carrot, Calamity, Jennifer, Amy, Kamie


=) Carly said...

*blushing* so when r u coming out? =( I need to email you back. Sorry its taken so long to respond. Haven't forgotten about you. ;)

Mama said...

Look how neat and tidy yours is!

But what is a seminary reading ball?

Marc and Megan said...

Carly, hopefully soon!

Mama, when we have to read big chunks of verses as a group, the student who has the reading ball will read until they feel like stopping and tossing it to someone else. They all stay very attentive this way! We also use the ball for some of their favorite scripture mastery games. SO, I guess it's multi-purpose!