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Saturday, September 29, 2007

A little bit of France

Yes, we have been missing from the blogging world again this week. No, we didn't take a trip to France. But, we did have a little bit of France here with us. Marc has a hobby - 3D illustration/animation - that allows him the privilege of friendships with people all around the world. There's Nick in Australia, Harold in Germany, and the list could go on and on. I love hearing all about these friends that he's met over the years. The only one we've actually met in person is Francois (pronounced "fran-swah") from France.

This is the third year that he has come to visit us, and we always look forward to his visits. Hopefully one day we'll make it to France to visit him, and meet his wife and two kids!

We spent the whole day yesterday at the coast - the coastal weather in Northern California is always rather cool, and yesterday we experienced a wide range of weather. The day started off overcast and a little foggy, then we had a misty-like rain, and then the sun came out, the skies were a beautiful blue, and the weather warmed up considerably.

We started off walking around the touristy, coastal town of Mendocino, and then walked along the edge the coastal cliffs.

We always have to take our picture at this very large bench that sits on the edge of a cliff, looking out towards the ocean. We also discovered a pathway down to some jagged rocks and did some tide pool exploring.

We didn't find anything, but it was still fun to revert back to childhood days of searching for ocean creatures in those little pockets of water. After that, we went to a bookstore where we picked out this book for our growing library of children's books.

By that point the rain had started, so rather than taking the mile walk to see the lighthouse in the rain, we decided to find a cafe to have some lunch. We had some good food and as we left the cafe, we were happy to find clear, blue skies! So, we went back to the lighthouse and enjoyed the most beautiful weather of the afternoon.

We had such a fun day! It was great to get away for a day together. We really enjoyed our time with Francois and are already looking forward to his visit next year!


Heffalump said...

Sounds like you had a lovely visit. Its always garet to see friends.

mindyluwho said...

I love that area of the world. We go camping in Fort Bragg every summer, it's so beautiful!

Carrot Jello said...

Ah, I need some friends from France. No wait, Trixie told me about her friends from France. I might rethink that whole "I need a friend from France" thing.

Jennifer B. said...

I enjoy your lovely blog. Glad you had a nice visit.

Calamity Jane said...

Looks like its time you invited me down...;)

Marc and Megan said...

Thanks everyone for your comments... sorry that we haven't been very good about responding to them. We very much love hearing from you!

Heffalump, thanks, yes it was a nice visit!

Mindy, what a small world! We camp in Ft. Bragg every summer, too!

Carrot, having a friend from France is unlike having a friend from any other place... I think you would like it.

Jennifer, thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment!

Calamity, there is always an open invitation to family... didn't you know that? :) If bringing the whole gang isn't possible, you and Carrot could always come.