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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Healing and Sleeping

My healing has drastically improved since yesterday. I had a second follow-up appointment with my doctor and she determined that my walnut-sized clot (hematoma) was all localized enough in the same area that not only was it not going away on its own, but it was the perfect timing to drain it. So, right then and there she took care of it, quickly and mostly painless.

I got up this morning with a sudden burst of energy, partly because I just felt so relieved to have that hematoma gone but also partly because my little Lucy had a six-hour stretch of sleep last night, only waking up once at 2:45am. I was so shocked... that didn't happen with Ben and Hugh until they were like six months old (or maybe even older). I have a two-week old who sleeps!! And, even when she wakes up she grunts instead of cries. She is such a little angel baby!

So, with my sudden burst of energy this morning I got up and ground some wheat and then made a batch of bread. I tried to rest a little in between some of the steps, but after about an hour I started to realize I was probably pushing myself a little bit more than I was quite ready for. Luckily my mom came over and finished with putting the bread in the oven, as well as whipping up some banana bread with my very ripe bananas that had been sitting on the counter. She has been such a huge help this week. I'm so grateful for my family!

In other news, Ben and Hugh have been fighting naps lately. After almost two hours yesterday, they finally both fell asleep and got in a good two-hour nap. We thought the same might happen today, but after more than two hours had passed and they were still talking and laughing (and kicking and screaming, too), I got them out and let them sit on my bed watching a Chuggington movie while I nursed Lucy. Hugh lost interest as soon as my mom showed up and went to the kitchen to have some banana bread. Ben, on the other hand, was fast asleep within 20 minutes and slept for an hour next to Lucy. I know they still need a nap... I just don't know what to do to help it go a little more smoothly than it has been.

There is something very sleep-inducing about a sleeping newborn. Maybe I should just let Lucy work her magic on the boys tomorrow and see how it goes. Although, I'm pretty sure chances are greater that they'll start jumping on my bed like the two little monkeys they are. And, that rarely ends well for any of us.

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Kimberli said...

Hey Megan-
Just wanted to share a late CONGRATULATIONS on your newest little arrival. What a sweetheart! We have a Lucy too, so naturally, I LOVE the name. :) Sounds like it was quite the ordeal getting her here - 9 lbs, whoa! Nice work. Glad she is a sleeper for you. Isn't that the biggest blessing?!? I always scoffed at those baby books that said newborns sleep all the time. And then I had one of "those babies" and it is HEAVEN.
Glad you are feeling a bit better.
Love, Kimberli