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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lucy's Story - An Angel Doctor

Four years ago, on July 15th, Marc rushed me to our local ER after my water unexpectedly broke, less than a week following surgery that was meant to correct the TTTS that our twin daughters were struggling with. There were nurses coming in and out, checking vitals and asking questions, the whole process leaving me feeling very overwhelmed and close to having a complete breakdown. I didn't know what was happening or what was about to happen, but I was pretty sure things didn't look too good.

At one point a woman came in who I had never met and she brought with her a calm amid my little storm. She spoke softly and her eyes revealed a sympathy and a gentleness that overwhelmed me to tears. In all the confusion and panic of the moment, I missed her name and didn't even know if she was a nurse or a midwife or a doctor. The one thing I knew for sure was that she was an angel. I knew I'd never forget her nor the way she calmed my heart in just the few minutes we interacted.

Last November when I found out I was expecting again, I decided against going back to the doctor I'd been seeing an hour away. There aren't a lot of options to choose from in our little town, but I set an appointment with the only woman OBGYN, not knowing anything about her.

The day of my first appointment arrived and as soon as the doctor walked in, I was almost certain I could hear a chorus of Hallelujah's ring sweetly in my heart. It was her. It was the angel doctor from that awful July night. She still had the same calm and gentle ways about her and I felt an immediate assurance that I'd found the care I needed and wanted for this pregnancy.

From that first appointment I felt an increased confidence in my choice of care, as well as in my desire to attempt to have a VBAC. My questions were answered and my fears eased. And, even if things didn't turn out quite like I hoped, I knew I'd be given a fair chance with the support team I'd chosen. As I learned more about my doctor and her experience I felt even more blessed to be in her care - from work in the poorest parts of LA, to experiences delivering babies in Africa, to working on a Navajo Indian Reservation in the southwest. She fit that "angel" title more and more.


Inkling said...

That is the coolest story! Talk about a divine meeting! Looking forward to hearing more. And may I just say that I'm so excited for you?!!!! Lucy Jane is beautiful, and I just can't stop grinning as I look at her sweet picture and see evidence of the faith you held onto all these months.

Mindy said...

What a miracle!!!!

Kate said...

such a tender mercy . . . what a precious gift from our Father!
*gentle hugs* to you as you mark the 4th anniversary of your angel twins tomorrow

JessicaP said...

What a beautiful beginning to Lucy's story. She will love hearing about her angel doctor as she grows.

Allred Mom said...

What an incredible show of love that our Heavenly Father has for us. A beautiful story that brought me to tears. I've been thinking of you a lot this past week, and the beautiful gift that you have been given with the birth of Lucy. I've also been thinking of your sweet Emmaline and Elliana, your sweet angel babies. Hugs to you, my dear friend, who I call my "little sister"! :)