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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hoping for Boring

It was a good weekend. Started off with a family outing to Beverly's (a craft and fabric store), to pick out some new fabric for curtains in our front room and kitchen. Would you believe we've lived in this new home for six months now and we still haven't taken down the flowery valences that were left up by our landlord? And, as bad as that is, it gets even worse. We still haven't unpacked any of our paintings or photos or wall hangings of any kind, except for the large mirror that hangs in our front room. Six months... sigh. Maybe the new curtains will be the right kick in the pants.

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent watching and listening to General Conference. One of my favorite moments was hearing a talk on Saturday afternoon by my mission president, LeGrand R. Curtis, Jr. It has been almost 11 years since I've been home and probably 10 since I saw him last. He is such a neat man, whom I love and respect so much. It was wonderful to see him and to get to hear him share his experiences and testimony again! Lots of good stuff to put into action from all the messages.

I was a little distracted for much of today. I kept getting this urge to get out the video camera and capture Ben and Hugh doing all the cute things they're doing these days. (They're also doing not-so-cute-things that I really don't care to capture, like tackling and biting. Yikes!) I was super excited yesterday when I finally got them to figure out how to give kisses, not only to Marc and me, but to each other... and it is the cutest thing. EVER! It makes me laugh and makes my heart all warm to witness it.

But, I'm a bit more emotional than usual because Hugh is going in for his hernia surgery tomorrow morning and there's something about general anesthetic and my baby that has made me all nervous and uneasy. I hate the reminder that life is fragile and I hate that my mind automatically goes there in moments like this. I'm just praying for a good ol' boring story to share. I don't care for drama, never have.

And, assuming that all goes smoothly, then I'll have a good couple of hours to get lost in Catching Fire... something to keep my emotional mommy feelings calm and collected while my baby is away. Anyone else already read it? I can't wait to jump and see where the story goes.

As for Hugh's story tomorrow, hope with me for boring? (and smooth and successful, too!)


Erica said...

I hope everything goes swimmingly tomorrow!

And also, I really loved The Hunger Games trilogy.. Catching Fire was just as intense as The Hunger Games! Mockingjay is slightly less intense, but still very good! I can't wait for the movie to hit theaters next spring!

Mandi said...

We hope everything with Hugh's surgery will go well - he has been in our prayers! We love Hugh (and all of you, too)!